Why put evidence on public display when case not yet proven?


We all like to watch with glee when someone gets arrested for corruption; but remember, arrest does not prove guilt, says Angry Malaysian.

I refer to theSun’s front-page news report that the MACC had arrested a ministry secretary general and his son and wish to highlight a few concerns.

While I fully support the efforts by law enforcement authorities to implement just laws and eradicate the scourge of corruption once and for all from our shores, the process and methods must be just and fair to all parties.

I wonder about the purpose of displaying seized items such as foreign currency, watches and handbags to the public when the case has not yet been proven. Surely, this information should be kept confidential to avoid prejudicing the case against the suspect and revealing the hand of the prosecution too soon. The names of the suspect and family are withheld for precisely the same purpose; so why display the seized goods and let the public gossip unnecessarily?

I also wonder if it is just and fair – regardless of whether the MACC Act allows it – for lawyers’ offices to be raided for clients’ documents. This should be privileged information. Our justice system will fall apart if lawyers’ offices get raided for clients’ information, unless of course the lawyers themselves are party to the alleged corruption.

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The MACC should also arrest and charge all the contractors and suppliers who are alleged to have given bribes to the main suspect. That is only just, and it is what society expects. These culprits may give or attempt to give bribes, and they would only complain if what they are seeking is not granted by the recipient of the bribe. That is not fair if no action is taken against those giving out bribes.

If the recipient of a bribe is found guilty of receiving a bribe and sentence is handed out, the same sentence should be automatically handed out to those giving the bribe. Do this, and see how fast corruption disappears from our country.

We all like to watch with glee when someone gets arrested for corruption. But remember, arrest does not prove guilt. Only a court of law is legally able to pronounce guilt. Until that happens, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Angry Malaysian is the pseudonym of an Aliran reader who is always angry because the bright future of Malaysia has been eroded by incompetence, nepotism, apathy, laziness, racism, double standards and arrogance.

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