So many scam victims: Why are Malaysians so gullible?

Are we really that stupid to believe even the zaniest and tallest stories concocted by these scammers and con artists, wonders Angry Malaysian.

Nothing flabbergasts me more than reading about the daily dose of Malaysians falling victim to all sorts of scams. It is pathetic.

Are we really that stupid to believe even the zaniest and tallest stories concocted by these scammers and con artists? There must be a society of scammers who meet regularly and rub their hands in glee when they talk of potential targets, ie Malaysians.

For this we cannot blame anyone else, not the police, not the MCMC nor God. It is down to our own stupidity.

Everyday the papers are full of all sorts of scams such as lottery wins, money transfers from a dead overseas billionaires and lonely hearts being cheated by dupers,

For the life of me, I can’t understand how anyone in their right mind will believe such bizarre stories.

Apparently, the many universities, colleges and schools in Malaysia have not prevented Malaysians from falling victims to these dud schemes. Are we just plain stupid or just greedy that we cannot see what is at the end of our noses?

I suppose this is really a testament of the (lack of) critical thinking faculties among Malaysians and our gullibility.

This can also be seen in how we tend to believe all sorts of far-fetched stories people come out with after getting caught with their hands in the till. MACC files are testament to this.

Angry Malaysian is the pseudonym of an Aliran reader who is always angry because the bright future of Malaysia has been eroded by incompetence, nepotism, apathy, laziness, racism, double standards and arrogance.

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