‘World class’ ministry – or world class mockery?


If the Education Ministry refers to itself as “world class”, then it should reveal the truth and stop beating around the bush, demands Leena Mohan.


As the news broke about the Maths and the Tamil UPSR exam papers being declared null and void yesterday due to further leaks, I wonder how our world class Education Ministry officials can still make absurd press statements with a straight face.

Apology after apology, but there is a total lack of accountability on the part of the Education Ministry. The 14 detained and released on bail are reportedly 12 teachers, an insurance agent and an engineer.

I want to know the source of the leak and the people at the Education Ministry, the Examinations Board and other officials who have been involved in corruption and cheating.

It appears that teachers, an insurance agent and an engineer have been taken to task. Did they break into the vaults to steal the hard copies of the exam paper? Or did they hack into the Ministry’s computer system to steal soft copies of the exam paper?

If the Education Ministry refers to itself as “world class”, reveal the truth and stop beating around the bush and skirting around issues. Get to the bottom of the issue and tell us which Education Ministry official(s) sold the information.

A “world class” ministry should be more than capable of conducting a world class investigation. The antics of the Education Ministry have definitely not gone down well well with the affected 12-year-old students. And instead of the wrong-doing being corrected, the situation has deteriorated.

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What next? Will there be another report lodged that the BM papers have also leaked?

Perhaps it is only a matter of time before we hear of the next leak and fiasco.

Leena Mohan is an Aliran member based in Penang.

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Lim Teck Hing
Lim Teck Hing
27 Sep 2014 10.26am

The education ministry is “correct” by stating it is world class . . . at the other end of the scale that is ! Earlier this year when the international PISA ( Programme for International Student Assessment ) ranking was released, Malaysia ranked a dismal 39 out of 44 countries. We were even ranked lower than many other third world countries. Our education minister has the audacity to tell Malaysians not to place too much emphasis on the PISA ranking which have different criteria. If he cannot even accept PISA ranking, what world class is the ministry talking about? Maybe the ministry should carry out a survey to determine how many successful Malaysians under 30 years old was educated locally only? We have gone one big circle, almost 40 years, to realise the importance of English and our country is paying the price now for churning out graduates not proficient in the language thereby making them not merchantable internationally! It is sad to see that our young were made to pay and suffer for the political blunders made in our education policy. If the ministry is… Read more »

Ed G
Ed G
26 Sep 2014 2.46pm

Are those arrested the sole and primary sources of the leaked exam papers or are they merely a part of the supply chain?

24 Sep 2014 8.17am

Now everyone knows how so many 9 As students got their 9As ? And also why after, by now, so many million top students Malaysia is still trying to beg the migrated Malaysians back to serve the country. Where are these all As students ? Many may not be aware that these ‘leaks’ (may) have been happening all these years except this time round they are being exposed. Now you also now why Malaysia has always been rated so badly especially when you get rated in between 300 to 400 you are start to blow your own trumpet. When will the varsities in Malaysia be rated in the top 50 or even the top 100 in Asia ? Yet your DPM or the education minister is claiming to have the best education in the world. What kind of a joke is that and if that is any where near even the truth, why are you still sending years after years thousand of NEM (Never Enough Money) students abroad ? Is that why Talent Corp is being sent abroad to beg the immigrated to return when after… Read more »