Stop the raging bull


The BN ‘bull’ seems too far gone to see reason and its blind and deaf rage only confirms what the people have realised since 8 March 2008: it has to go, observes Rakyat Jelata.

Running with the Bulls

Enraged people who become irrational in venting anger and frustration are like raging bulls running through the narrow streets of a village. The village is too small to contain them and they will mindlessly rampage and gore to death, anything they see as an obstacle in their way. The only means to avoid them is to quickly step out of the way and let them pass till they run out of steam or capture and cage the beast.

theSun’s front page headlines this morning (1 October 2012) screamed, “On the Offensive” with a large picture of PM Najib, hand held high ‘rallying’ the BN parties for the GE13 ‘kill’. Ironically, this rallying has been going on for some time now, till people feel a bit tired of taking it seriously and continue to wonder if the GE13 will happen soon or not at all.

In the past six months, it has been very obvious to everyone that the BN has been playing for time, trying to get its act right to solicit the rakyat’s support. Apparently, it still seems dissatisfied with itself and can’t find the root cause of its apparent waning popularity.

So, like a raging bull, the Umno-led ruling party tries to blindly force itself down the people’s throats, with the hope of capturing people’s hearts by bombarding the people with propaganda. That is rather indigestible and the people are likely to vomit it out or get diarrhoea, as a result.

As this raging BN bull runs amok down the streets, causing the people to run helter skelter in all directions to get away from it, Pakatan quietly steps out of the way of the mad beast. Who then is in greater control of themselves? Do the Rakyat have no eyes in their heads? They certainly do.

The BN bull seems too far gone to see reason and its blind and deaf rage only confirms what the people have realised since 8 March 2008, IT HAS TO GO! The rakyat can’t continue to live with a mad beast on the lose in the national ‘village’.

So, for sanity’s sake, the raging bull must be confined to its pen and not be allowed out until it has calmed down and come to its senses, if that is possible. A large scale ‘gotong royong’ is needed to get the beast off the streets and save the public from further harm socially, economically and politically.

A return to sanity, democracy, clean government, order, fairness and peace would be a truly refreshing change for Malaysia, with the termination of on-going environmental destruction.

Rakyat Jelata is the pseudonym of a regular contributor to TA Online.

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  1. Another recent financial scandal to add to Alan Newman’s list is the Paralympic Funding. Cheating the disabled and the Rakyat at large will lock you out of heaven. Perhaps, faith and moral values mean nothing to UMNO/BN any more.

  2. Najib: “I would like to stress here that I have never interfered in MACC’s operations. They are independent and free to carry out their investigations on anyone.” “You help me I help you.” Then likely to Musa, Taib, MACC, Shahzirat, Baginda: We saw nothing heard nothing.” … “ Promises fulfilled.” Are these the thoughts and words of an honorable, ethical leader with the country’s interest at heart or someone bent on sabotaging opposition, human rights NGOs…? Answer it yourself.

  3. I speak under NZ’s credentials – rated No. 1 in the world for non-corruption.
    PM Najib if you have any trace of moral, integrity or manliness left, I challenge you to do what is right & honorable:
    1. Fulfill all of BERSIH ′s 8 electoral reforms without prejudice. Show the people you are sincere & honest & you don’t need to cheat to win …. 2. (Probe) Sabah’s Musa & (Probe) Sarawak’s CM of 31 years. … controlling all aspects of the economic activities. . Investigate the deaths of Swiss Mansor and US’s Boyert. Repatriate their wealth and give it back to the people. 3. (Probe) Samy Vellu immediately for the MAIKA, MIED and Telekom share scandal. 4. (Probe) A. R. Baginda for RM500mil (‘commssion’) and for (his role) in the (death) of Mongolian Altantuya. 5. Fast forward the PKFZ scandal in courts … 6. (Probe) Khir Toyo … for (alleged) corruption & sack him from UMNO. 7. Put Shahrizat Jalil on trial … freeze all assets of the NFC. 8. Ask for the people’s forgiveness for the Perak coup. 9. (Probe) Dr MM for all the (abuse of power) in 22 years of rule. Forex loss of RM$30bil….a long string of (scandals under his watch including)… Operation Lalang to London to Sabah’s ICs. His sons are directors of (many) companies … Freeze his wealth and bring it back to the Rakyat. 10. Uphold a fair 1 MALAYSIA for all races in Malaysia.

  4. same song n old stories of corruption n cronies .. for 30 long years all malaysians are hearing the same old story.. not tired >> so change the singer n hear a new song OF HOPE N a better LIFE.. so let us change the singer n listen to anew song in GE 13– of hope n a clean administration..the present system blames all for the failures , wrong doings n misdeeds,, blame the west n the east,, blame all– they are perfect n clean n can do no wrongs>


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