Farewell, dear Fan Yew Teng


Martin Jalleh pays tribute to the courageous and outspoken advocate for justice, Fan Yew Teng, who succumbed to cancer yesterday.

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You were truly a fierce defender of the poor and marginalised and a faithful friend and voice of the people! You were a formidable and respected opponent to the political giants of your time.

You stood firm in your convictions and strove to live (up to) them in spite of the costs and implications! You did not flinch nor feign when your foes did unto you what was most foul. You remained forthright whilst others faltered and compromised to gain favour, fame and fortune!

You held the fort of your political party when its adversaries were bent on finishing it off. Your fortitude and unwavering courage accompanied by your humility and your life of simplicity and frugality will remain an inspiration to many…forever!

You will be fondly remembered as the fiery orator who fearlessly walked the talk and proved that principled politics is possible! May you rest in peace, O Valiant Warrior! You have fought the good fight!

As you take your final journey, we salute you true patriot! Your flame of justice and truth lives on! May God bless and reward you abundantly!

How well he fell asleep!
Like some proud river,
widening towards the sea;
Calmly and grandly,
silently and deep,
Life has joined eternity.

— samuel taylor coleridge —

Well known political commentator Martin Jalleh is a regular contributor to Aliran

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2 Comments on "Farewell, dear Fan Yew Teng"

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SM Muthu

Thank you MJ. Thank you for the eulogy to my hero from childhood till now.

Andrew Lin

Perhaps the most persecuted opposition politician in Malaysian parliamentary history. Despite serving two terms in Parliament, first as MP for Kampar and later Menglembu as well as one term as state assemblyman for Petaling Jaya, he was unjustly denied his pensions following his conviction for publishing a so-called seditious article in 1970.
Malaysians have lost a true patriot with his passing. Indeed, Fan Yew Teng had paid a very heavy price for his political convictions. May his sacrifices and courage be a perpetual inspiration for all Malaysian aspiring for public office. Fan’s mentor,the great D R Seenivasagam must be very proud of him for living his ideals to the end. Rest in peace, Fan.
Andrew Lin, Sydney.

Andrew Lin, Sydney.