Flawed 100-day verdicts; take ownership of collective national destiny

A nation cannot be rebuilt by ‘them’ only. It takes all of us, them (PH) and us (KPI evaluators), writes JD Lovrenciear.

It appears that many have jumped on the bandwagon in evaluating, judging and passing verdict on the performance of the new Pakatan Harapan government over its first 100 days.

Some are weighing in from the position that our rights must not be compromised. Others are portraying themselves as watchdogs endowed with some sort of ‘big stick’ to ‘whack’ the PH government’s delivery of its pledges.

Still others are determined to plough in with the hidden intention of undermining the new government, giving hope for a return of the BN pack.

Meanwhile we may all be missing several bits of truth that are already forming the glue for a stronger, firmer future for all Malaysians. These bits of truth are far more significant then the evaluations based on key performance indicators that are being put forward from various vantage points.

One, we must acknowledge that these past hundred days are not the foundation on which our new Malaysia is being built. What we have seen during this period is merely the scaffolding of a work in progress.

Two, the fact that a 93-old-citizen is willing to give his last years of his life to rebuild a new nation far supersedes 100-day pledges.

Three, if we had allowed BN to fail us repeatedly over six decades with their endless promises, why are we so fixated on 100-day pledges?

Perhaps, we need to look inwards rather than outwards. We need to evaluate our individual and collective contributions over the past hundred days rather than step on a pedestal and watch over Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his team.

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There needs to a national mindset shift. Rather than seeing our role as one of watchdogs, perhaps we need to think more like team players. We need to shift from a position of being judgmental to one of being a party to accountability. We need to understand and take collective responsibility.

A nation cannot be rebuilt by ‘them’ only. It takes all of us, them (PH) and us (KPI evaluators).

We need to evaluate our intentions rather then be fixated on the efforts of others. This is where our local media media need to come together and anchor in on a common media agenda.

We need to see ‘ownership’ expand for the journey ahead and ensure our wagons of hope and expectations are heading on a track commonly shared by all citizens.

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Mei Wong
Mei Wong
19 Aug 2018 7.46pm

Well said JD Lovrenciear! Malaysian have all worked towards a common goal & on May 09, we have succeeded in getting a change. Let’s all focus on rebuilding the nation and be gracious to our new Cabinet Ministers. Stay away from judging too fast. Instead, let’s encouragement them every step of the way as they do that which is right and true. Let us NOT allow anything to break this unity of working together for a better Malaysia!

19 Aug 2018 12.33pm

This is by far the best assessment of the PH government, especially compared to the “holier than thou” critics who are so ready to jump onto the new government’s failures.

17 Aug 2018 10.47am

What is said by the writer is very very true. We citizen no matter what have to support PH to achieve its objective and the manifesto pledge doesn’t matter it takes much time. First thing first the cost of leaving need to come down. Abolishing GST is one good achievement by PH but the cost of materials is still high or even higher after 0 gst. The PH goverment need to ensure the cost is brought down. Every citizen on the other hand need to check if the cost material, food and groceries which they buy is reduced or not by comparing when with GST and must report to the authority for action to be taken.