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Photograph: theSun Daily

What Karpal had said was mild compared to Dr Mahathir’s malicious utterances in the past about the rulers, observes our special correspondent. Yet Karpal is biadab; Dr M is not. Karpal is kurang ajar; Dr M is not. Karpal is a traitor; Dr M is not. Karpal is seditious; Dr M is not.

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(picture credit: theloaflangkawi.com)From mega projects Dr M has come full circle to launching teeny-weeny projects, observes our Loafer. Finally, his Look East Policy appears to have borne fruit or, should we say, bread. Dr M, in partnership with a Japanese entrepreneur, has started a bakery chain — The Loaf. (Photo credit: theloaflangkawi.com)

Mahathir suggested that the Japanese would have committed hara-kiri had they been in Abdullah Badawi’s shoes in the wake of the BN’s loss of five states to the Pakatan Rakyat and of its two-thirds majority in Parliament in 2008. But, as Tota observes, the former premier himself missed many opportunities to commit hara-kiri in the wake of the numerous scandals that plagued his 22-year administration.