Selangor crisis: What’s at stake

Can Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim sign such an agreement?

If Pas does decides to break away from Pakatan over the Selangor MB crisis, the real winner in future state and federal elections will be Umno.

Embattled Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim
Embattled Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim

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This time, our focus is on Selangor.

Faisal S Hazis has written a three-part article in Malay explaining what’s at stake in the Selangor political crisis. He lays out bare what would happen in a Selangor state election and a future general election if Pas decides to break away from Pakatan.

Unfortunately, it is not a happy scenario for those who had hoped a two-party system would bring about real change. The real winner will be not be Pakatan or even Pas; it will be Umno-BN.

Make sure you read Faisal’s three-part series:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Meanwhile legal expert Gurdial Singh points out that the state ExCo has a major role to play in advising the Sultan on what to do. He also questions the legality of the sacking of the Selangor state exco members.

Now, all eyes will be on the Pas central committee meeting on 17 August.

Ramakrishnan wonders if Pas will join forces with Umno to topple the Pakatan-led Selangor government.

In a second piece, he adds that only Pas can save the Pakatan state government in Selangor. 

But as Anil Netto points out, the Pas central committee is caught in a real internal dilemma.

Let us hope they won’t betray the voters of Selangor.


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17 Aug 2014 9.08am

Yes, you are perfectly right that the one that will be the winner, I might add to say, will be Umno without even having to life a finger. All these are the results of a greedy AI, even before this jail bound Umno mentor. What does this all show ? AI is not really interested to bring to this nation real democracy, all he wants is to be the PM and when that did not happen he then turns to the next best position in the country, the MB of Selangor. Even it means the chaos his greed and the destruction of the opposition his aspiration will bring or shall I say at any cost. What a shamble it is to the only visible chance of an opposition to this country, but it is also a chance for a real and creditable opposition to be formed before the next GE without AI. It is a chance for an opposition to contest without having to give AI the illusion that all the votes PKR in the last GE got were because of him. Please remember most, if… Read more »