‘You knock out one Karpal, a hundred Karpals will rise’


Guided by principles of justice and truth, Karpal Singh was at the forefront of the struggle to safeguard the constitutional rights of all Malaysians, writes Chris Chong.


The unexpected passing of Karpal Singh, the legendary lawyer and politician, has left a void in Malaysia. Karpal, also known by his moniker ‘The Tiger of Jelutong’, was at the forefront of many battles in Parliament and the courts in the quest to bring about a better Malaysia for all.

Guided by principles of justice and truth, Karpal the lawyer was at the forefront of the struggle to safeguard the constitutional rights of all Malaysians. His clients ranged from his one time political foe Anwar Ibrahim to a teenager sentenced to death for possession of firearms in a politically explosive case.

Karpal also contributed to the nation-building process as a politician. His efforts provided the necessary checks and balances while deepening the democratic process in the country.

Indeed so great were his contributions to the nation that people from all walks of life paid tribute, either through articles or by paying their last respects at his funeral, to the man who had touched their lives in some way.

In his own words, the Tiger of Jelutong gave us a clue as to the legacy which he wished to leave behind, “The fight goes on. You knock out one Karpal Singh, a hundred Karpal Singhs will rise.” The Tiger roars no more but let a hundred tigers roar!

Read a selection of some of the most moving tributes to Karpal on our website.

In solidarity,

Chris Chong
Co-editor, e-Newsletter
23 April 2014

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  1. Egregious Mahathir,

    You may have him jailed, without trail, and now that he is dead you must have the illusion that he is gone forever. Sorry to add that more ‘Karpals’ are born to carry on the fight you and your Umno schmucks have planned for him and people like Karpal. Karpal’s fighting spirit will forever live on us !


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