Plan for foreign workers’ levies fund a positive move

There are too many foreign workers in the country, and as their wages are low, the whole wage structure at the bottom of the labour market is kept depressed.

Nipping football racism in Malaysia in the bud

We cannot say we love football if we close an eye to the racist behaviour and language that still exists among some fans.

A young woman’s thoughts on the hijab

It is only when we recognise the inherent worth of all people that we would naturally treat others with respect, regardless of their clothing or gender.

Sulu claim: A Sabahan’s relief at the Dutch court’s verdict

Many Sabahans have been waiting for this news for a long time.

Braless in Malaysia?

The bra is no longer a tool of Western cultural imperialism but now appears to be a tool of conservative forces out to deprive women of their freedom.

Oh no, I’ll be 30 soon! Ageing anxiety in China

Young adults face intense social pressure in China as they grow older.

Constitutional morality and societal morality: Safeguarding minority rights

Two landmark cases in India have witnessed the court adopting a constitutional approach to protect the rights of LGBT communities.

It is the political ‘devils’ who are dividing the people

But a heartwarming encounter has convinced me we already have unity.

Unveiling the burden of unpaid care work in Malaysia

As trivial as it may seem, paternity leave is one more significant step towards a more gender-balanced society.

Brand Malaysia: Looking through the eyes of a Nigerian bystander

Common erroneous assumptions between Malaysians and Nigerians are caused by misconceptions and sweeping generalisations.

Mobilising youths against human trafficking: Empowering change in Malaysia

We can harness young leaders' creativity and dedication to develop innovative solutions, raise awareness, and advocate for stronger enforcement.

‘Penang LRT’: Be careful what you wish for!

If you are a Penang resident, surely you will know that a mere 22km of elevated 'light rail' will not be able to ease traffic jams meaningfully.

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