The last fishing enclave of Tanjong Tokong: From public treasure to private exclusivity

'Adopt' the fishing village as part of a lifelong learning programme on environmental education.

Sam Ke Ting and the basikal lajak case

Who is the reckless driver?

Beware the debt trap

If we keep on borrowing and investing heavily in white elephant infrastructure projects, we might fall into this trap.

Our Sisters

A poem by Premalatha Karupiah

Mahathir’s final legacies

Luckily for us today, including younger Malaysians, we finally know Mahathir’s true nature.

Flood calamity: It’s not just about heavy rainfall!

A high tide, rising sea levels, river siltation and failure in river management contributed to the disaster.

Leadership with compassion and wisdom

Effective leaders are those who can retain goodness and refrain from negative practices with wisdom.

Use social media to broaden democratic space

Recently, I attended a webinar on contemporary Thai politics and social media.One interesting finding was that Twitter has become a political tool and conduit...

The act of giving amid the Covid pandemic

We must sustain the act of giving until it becomes a norm in daily life, Soon Chuan Yean and Lim Swee Jung write.

The pandemic – a lost opportunity?

Six years after the formation of Malaysia, is our Westminster model still working?

Renaissance of indigenous wisdom can heal our world

A new institution has been launched to harness indigenous wisdom in tackling global challenges that are threatening all life.

Reinvent the education ecosystem

Together, we can bring back the glory days of our education system.

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