Umno’s appalling plan for early polls NOT in the people’s best interests

Ordinary people should not be made to suffer because of certain politicians' desperation to find a way out of their legal troubles

Massive Klang Valley floods 2021

Aliran is appalled by the indecent haste with which Umno announced recently its intention to have a snap general election as soon as possible this year.

We find it astonishing that the party made a public announcement of its intention even before the prime minister could inform the Yang di-Pertuan Agong about his wish to dissolve Parliament.

Even more distressing is that such early polls could coincide with the monsoon season, which often results in flooding and widespread suffering in affected communities. Holding general elections in these circumstances would divert limited public resources away from flood-related needs.

The floods and uncertain weather could also jeopardise voter turnout. This would mean the general election outcome would not be an accurate reflection of the people’s mandate, which Umno claims it wants to return to the people.

It would be greatly disturbing if such a possible low turnout is actually part of Umno’s strategy to repeat its electoral gains in the Malacca and Johor state elections, where voter turnouts were also low.

Ordinary people should not be made to suffer because of certain politicians’ insatiable desire for power and material gain or their desperation to find a way out of their legal troubles.

Aliran calls on the government to use the remaining one year of the parliamentary term fruitfully: it should launch further structural reforms, fix the economy and mend our polarised society.

We call on Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob to act with integrity in this matter. He is, after all, the prime minister of all the people of Malaysia – not just of Umno, which only controls a small minority of seats in Parliament.

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Aliran is confident that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong will use his discretionary powers wisely, in the best interests of the people, with respect to Umno’s intention to dissolve Parliament hastily.

Aliran executive committee
2 October 2022

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.
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Gursharan Singh
Gursharan Singh
4 Oct 2022 10.44am

Since when most politicians worldwide think about people and country when the main objective of most politicians may be perceived to be to get power by any means so that they and their families/friends/financiers can live lives of luxury at expense of taxpayers?

So why should this be any different especially when elections are being called prematurely as perceived that now is the time when can win and all parties are having negotiations on how to get the most number of political posts especially those which provide maximum opportunities.

Bless all

Politi Scheiss
Politi Scheiss
4 Oct 2022 2.43am

What if the majority of areas impacted by floods are the rural and semi-rural areas which tend to vote UMNO or PAS and deliver a sizeable number of seats in parliament and the state assemblies?

If UMNO and PAS voters cannot come out to vote due to floods and monsoonal rain in their localities, won’t it benefit Pakatan Harapan, whose voters tend to mostly be urban and semi-urban middle-class?

By holding elections during the monsoon season, UMNO could be shooting itself in the foot.

Kamil Bakhtiar Baidzowi
Kamil Bakhtiar Baidzowi
3 Oct 2022 10.50pm

This recent moves by UMNO top leaders to hasten the pools date had clearly shows that UMNO don’t even care about the welfare of peoples.
Despite M”Sian Metreological Dept had affirmed about forthcoming Monsoon season coupled with major floods almost nationwide, this UMNO top 5″s don’t even bother about the unforeseen undue hardship the peoples may face.
The party that claims to represent the Malays instead robs the Malays & had burden millions others with unnecessary government debts due to theft & corruption.
UMNO had no longer relevant this nowadays compared to 10 years ago when it clearly fights for Malays & others. UMNO has rotten from it’s core.

3 Oct 2022 8.32pm

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