Did Khalid lie to the Sultan?

PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has established beyond any doubt that she has the numbers to claim support from the majority of state assembly members.

wan azizah

She has 30 signed statutory declarations from the state assembly members backing her bid to be the next Menteri Besar of Selangor replacing Khalid. This has very effectively debunked Khalid’s bogus claim that he enjoys the majority support of the assembly.

In light of this irrefutable evidence, it would appear that Khalid must have lied to the Sultan. He must have deceived the Sultan into believing that he had the majority support of the state assembly members.

If he wishes to extricate himself from this damning situation, he must name names (of the assembly members) and reveal the number of assembly members supporting him. Without such fool-proof evidence, his claim of majority support cannot be taken seriously. His honesty is now in serious question.

Wan Azizah’s evidence has condemned him – of not being truthful. She has nailed his lie in a manner that cannot be refuted. His reputation is in tatters and tarnished beyond redemption. In the circumstance, the only honourable thing left for him is to resign gracefully and go quietly.

But he is stubbornly clinging on to his position and absurdly claiming that “the majority must be decided in a state assembly sitting”. But the next assembly is not due to sit until November which is three months away.

He should not hold on to his office under fraudulent circumstances. He is tarnishing the office of the Menteri Besar by remaining in office when he is not entitled to be in that position any longer.

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If he is sincere and indeed wants this majority vote to be tested to reflect Wan Azizah’s support then he is morally obliged to call for an emergency sitting of the state assembly. If he doesn’t do that, it only means that he is afraid to be exposed as being dishonest in his claim of majority support.

It is not very wise of him to challenge “Wan Azizah to table a motion of no-confidence against him at the Selangor state assembly”. He knows very well that Wan Azizah cannot convene the state assembly sitting to move such a motion.

Only he can summon the state assembly sitting; why not call for the assembly meeting and verify Wan Azizah’s claim of support from the majority of assembly members?

In fact, if she doesn’t command majority support and if indeed he has that support, it will strengthen his position and he can continue as MB securely without any challenge to his position.

But will he put to the test his own claim of majority support and put an end to this impasse? Logically this is the only way out. B

If he refuses to call for the assembly meeting, what happens next? In that case, it is left to Pas to bring sanity to this situation.

If the four Pas exco members withdraw their support for Khalid, he can no longer pretend to have a government to run. It will drive him out of office. That is the only solution.

Pas should not be dragging its feet in this matter. Would PAS want to support a person who had misled and deceived the Sultan by falsely claiming to have majority support? It would be unethical and totally unacceptable to Pas’ Islamic credentials.

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Pas must not let down the voters of Selangor who voted for a Pakatan government. Its duty is to preserve and protect that government without any hesitation.

P Ramakrishnan
15 August 2014

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16 Aug 2014 8.31am

PKR has the majority in parliament, but is PKR the tenant of Putrajaya?

This is Malaysian democracy or is it the fate of AI that he or his wife, his proxy that everyone knows, will never ever be either the PM of Malaysia or MB of Selangor ? May be this is karma.

It is time all the opposition MPs start selecting a new leader to replace the jail bound AI and start planning for the coming GE. Instead of all the fighting that is going on and wasting your time on this shamble. What Khalid is doing must be tactics he has learnt from AI, just remember Khalid too was from Umno. In fact he was once considered to be one of the top Umno top brains …

Again why only now he is accused of all the wrong doings and be replaced as MB because of AI’s aspiration to be the MB of Selangor but because of his pending jail sentence, AI has his proxy, his wife, is nominated instead. Looks like AI’s illusion is not going to eventual !

16 Aug 2014 12.06am

It is obvious that this shameless MB has misinformed/lied to d Selangor Sultan as after having d audience with His Excellency d Sultan, d MB openly declared he has majority support from d State elected reps.! Can d mass media who recorded d PC when he so declared play back d tape to show what he actually declared?

Trutie Littlebird
15 Aug 2014 8.14pm

We have to be very careful here. Khalid could be telling the truth if he was made to understand that PAS and UMNO supported him when he met HRH. Now, with 2 PAS Adun supporting Wan Azizah the scenario changed. What we are overlooking here is when did Khalid make the deal with UMNO and PAS? Obviously, PAS already decided to back stab PKR and DAP long before Kajang move.