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So-called champions of Islam: Would they dare?

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The so-called champions of Islam have been very vocal in the issue of Allah. Foremost among them are Ibrahim Ali and Zulkifli Noordin, president and vice-president of Perkasa respectively.

Ibrahim Ali - Photograph: pribumiperkasa.com
Ibrahim Ali – Photograph: pribumiperkasa.com

Both have been agitating against the use of Allah by the Christians and claiming exclusive rights for the Muslims. Zulkifli even wants the court decision disallowing the use of the word Allah by the Christians to be extended to Sabah and Sarawak.

Not to be outdone, Pas’ Nasharuddin Mat Isa has also got into the act. He wants everyone to stick to the court decision outlawing the use of the word Allah by the Christians.

This hysteria has caught on to some Muslim NGOs who are screaming that any reference to the word Allah by the Christians in their prayers is an insult and a challenge to Islam. One leader of an Islamic outfit even stated bluntly – if not stupidly – that those not happy with the court ruling could always consider emigrating.

These so-called champions of Islam have invented all kinds of excuses to deny the Bahasa-speaking Christians the use of Allah in their daily prayer which they are entitled to. The obsession and the zeal that is involved in their campaign in championing this issue makes one wonder whether they are driven by political motivation or by religious fanaticism.

If they are really and sincerely moved by their religious obligation to act in this manner, then they need to prove that they are honestly motivated to defend the word Allah. Failing to do so would reveal their utter hypocrisy.

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Our National Anthem does not have the word Allah but God is referred to as Tuhan – “Tuhan kurniakan”. But according to these zealots, the Christians should use the word Tuhan rather than Allah so that Muslims will not be confused. If Allah is exclusively for Muslims, then why do the Muslims sing the national anthem, which has the word Tuhan, with such vigour and vim?

Do these zealots think that Muslims should stop singing the national anthem?

Indeed if they perceive that Tuhan does not refer to the Muslim God, why then are they singing the national anthem? Why are the Umno members and leaders who are cabinet ministers singing the national anthem?

Why don’t they campaign for the Muslims not to sing the national anthem? That would be in keeping with their stand that Tuhan is only meant for the Christians

Certain state anthems have the word Allah in the lyrics – Allah peliharakan Sultan; Allah lanjutkan. Do they object to the non-Muslims singing these state anthems which include the word Allah? Shouldn’t they campaign against the non-Muslims singing these state anthems and insist that only Muslims can sing these anthems?

The first principle of Rukun Negara states Belief in God – Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan. Here God Is referred to as Tuhan – not Allah. Will they then denounce the Rukun Negara? If they are so passionate about the issue of Allah, then this is what is expected of them.

This would be the natural consequence of their defiant stance with regard to the usage of the word Allah. They should do as Ralph Waldo Emerson stated: Go put your creed into your deed.

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Our Prime Minister is maintaining an unnatural silence in the face of this grave issue that threatens our well-being as a nation. These ultras and extremists will undo the present peace, harmony and unity that bind us to this nation. They will cause chaos and misery and wreak havoc on this country with their reckless bravado.

If the PM does not rein in these zealots, we will become a doomed nation in no time.

P Ramakrishnan
Executive committee member
19 October 2013

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najib manaukau
20 Oct 2013 8.05am

Why do the medias in this country give so much publicity to people like Abrahim Ali ?
He not only did not win in the last GE as a matter of facts he and his party lost badly also. He does not deserve the kind of publicity that is given to him or Perkasa, remember he won on a PAS ticket the previous time and then jumped to form Perkasa. In short he never ever won a single election in his own right and yet has been given so much publicity Only then will people like him will learn where they will end up with these racist believe ?

D’on’t you think it is time the media ignore him completely and let him rot and decay in the wilderness, anybody else, I am sure would not have been given the kind of attention he is getting. Or may be he should now get egregious Mahathir to join him in all his future ventures ?

Hemi Sfera
Hemi Sfera
19 Oct 2013 4.17pm

And you should also mentioned that this fight to retain the usage of Allah is exclusive to Catholic Christians.
Non Muslims singing Allah in state anthem? No problem.
Non Muslims PDRM, Kastam, Army wearing emblem displaying Allah? No problem.
All these usages is meant to reflect that Allah, as believed by Muslims, as a single entity.
The application by the Catholics is to use Allah to refer to a ‘three-entity’.
Different usage, different believe.
Maintaining status quo over application of Allah between Muslims and Non-Muslims is a much better bet at securing peace over Malaysia, than diligently pursuing the application of Allah with 2 separate senses – a single entity and a triple entity.

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