What else does Utusan Malaysia want?


Aliran views with grave concern and consternation the bold banner headline that recently ‘graced’ the rabid Utusan Malaysia in an outrageous manner, screaming, ‘What else do the Chinese want?’

The infamous statement made by Utusan
The infamous statement made by Utusan

It can only be read as being more than simply mischievous; it’s downright provocative.

At a time when the outcome of the recent electoral contest is embroiled in grievances and anger cutting across ethnic and religious lines, it is plain perilous to stoke the dangerous fire of ethnic sentiments. It is a malicious and callous attempt at diverting the public’s attention from the real issues and problems facing the country, such as alleged electoral rigging and corruption.

To add salt to injury, the prime minister himself has gone out of his way to defend this unethical, gutter journalism shamelessly practised by the Umno-owned newspaper. This is especially revolting after he himself had painted the electoral result in ethnic colours when it is not.

We call on right-thinking Malaysians not to be easily baited by such racist chanting from the rabid mainstream media and other media outlets. It is time to show that Malaysians are made of sterner and cleverer stuff compared to these uncouth media to be swayed by their journalistic distortions.

Finally, we urge political leaders not to venture into these choppy waters to fish for allegiance and to consolidate their questionable political position.

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Dr Mustafa K Anuar
Honorary Secretary, Aliran
9 May 2013

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  1. Well said. I think BN UMNO leaders n Utusan are correlated to Frog….glass….coconut shell….well/perigi

    • We have also commented on other mainstream newspapers, namely The Star, which had made in the run-up to the general election lopsided coverage and also carried political advertisements that had the effect of promoting Islamophobia. To be sure, Aliran does attempt to be fair and call a spade a spade in our commentaries.

    • You have to be specific Mohd Azman Mohd Ariff. The specific provocative statement by Utusan Malaysia has been well quoted. What specific racist remark or any message by other newsletter/newspaper are you referring to? Don’t follow the PM’s example and tembak saja.

  2. Ututsan is owned by Umno and it is not able to change it’s course, it is been set up by Umno to be their mouth piece. They know they can get away with anything they want to print especially so with Umno’s home ministry standing right behind them. For that reason the people must continue to fight to get rid of this (abuse) plus it also shows this is the kind of transformation or national reconciliation Najib is talking about. Or again it was only for the GE, therefore the people of Malaysia must continue to fight for whatever is right and fair for the country and most of all for all the Malaysians and not just for the warlords of Umno.

    These warlords may be indebted to the shenanigan for all the riches he has given them but don’t let that stop you from fighting for all that the people of Malaysia want and desire. Not of that of the warlords of Umno !

  3. “shamelessly practised by the Umno-owned newspaper”.

    Adakah surat khabar Cina sprt Cina Press, nanyang dan banyak lagi beretika? Kalau Dr Mustafa K Anuar ahli akedemik yang beretika dan adil anda akan nampak perkara ini. Anda sebenanrnya menepati istilah assobiyah yang selalu dinyanyikan oleh PAS

  4. Cina mahu …… to be treated fairly, play on a level playing -field, and be known as ‘anak Malaysia’.
    Is this too much to ask ? In the first place who do you think you are to selfishly claim the rights only for your group.
    If you still cannot understand, then it is time to go get better quality education .


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