Penang Structure Plan review: Yes to more public participation


In response to YB Jagdeep Singh’s concern of zero public feedback following the public briefing on 8 December 2016, we would like to suggest the following:

  1. Give more publicity to the review and organise more briefings to engage with the general public;
  2. Extend the deadline for submission of public feedback by another two months in view of the festive period;
  3. During the 8 December 2016 briefing, questions raised from the floor could not be satisfactorily answered. The consultants of the outsourced Report of Survey should be present to respond.
  4. Apparently diverse issues of major concern such as the protection of environmentally sensitive areas, the housing needs of low-income groups, open spaces and recreational areas, universal accessibility to transport and other amenities, and strategies to upgrade the skills level of our workforce are not adequately addressed to ensure that Penang becomes “sustainable, liveable, international and intelligent”.
  5. Public participation in the planning process is enshrined in the Town and Country Planning Act of 1976 (Act 172). People have a right to know and participate in planning decision-making which could affect their communities and the neighbourhoods in which they live and work, even the price of their property.

Penang Forum steering committee
11 January 2017

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