Stop toxic politics and harassment of Ambiga, says Maria

Photograph: Hakam

People like Umno’s Zulkarnain and pro-Umno blogger Raja Petra should stop their toxic politics and harassment of Ambiga, says Maria Chin Abdullah.

Both have totally failed to understand that there is due process taking place in the courts of the UK. That process should be allowed with zero interference against witnesses such as Ambiga.

I personally do not see what alarm has been raised in Malaysia through Clare Rewcastle’s defence when she named Ambiga as one of her witnesses.

The issues in Rewcastle’s defence are not new. The cruel death of Altantuya, the vicious summary execution of Morais, the 1MDB grand corruption and others are issues that have been discussed in Malaysian courts, not just in the backstreets.

Let the UK court proceed and do not harass, threaten and tamper with the witnesses.

Hands off Ambiga and let the truth prevail.

Maria Chin Abdullah is chair of the Bersih 2.0 steering committee.

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