Aku bersedih


A poem by Dr Nasir Hashim written after the detention of six PSM activists under the Emergency Ordinance. (The six were subsequently released and now face charges in court in October 2011).

Air mata sedih mengalir tanpa izin

Kerana ku lihat
Demokrasi dikebumikan dengan semboyan

Keagamaan disandi-warakan untuk   mencabul

Perkauman dibelai manja demi segumpal
keuntungan dan kemelesetan diri

Kemiskinan dilunak lunakkan dari sistem pemerintahan

Seribu janji dicurah halus untuk menderhaka
kepada prinsip

Senda gurauan diatur rapi untuk membentes

Negara yang harum dilacurkan dengan teladan

Sungguh kaku Negara ku yang tercinta ini

Menjadi noktah di pertengahan jalan

Ku . . . . .
Ku . . . . . lihat
Ku lihat . . . . . demokrasi
Ku lihat demokrasi . . . . . tersungkur
Ku lihat demokrasi tersungkur . . . . . merah
Ku lihat demokrasi tersungkur merah
. . . . . di pinggir jalan

cuba melutut
cuba menyiku
cuba mendagu

enggang menutup matanya . . . . .
untuk kali terakhir

Ramai tak membantu

Ramai tak mengerti

Enggan sedar

Semangat ini
berpahatkan pada cinta
bernafaskan pada keadilan
berkorban untuk kebebasan

Selagi diri ini belum menemui lahad

Selagi itulah jiwa ini bertindak
mendedahkan sistem kapitalis
bersama konco-konco politik
yang pincang ini

(ditulis setelah penahanan enam orang dibawah EO (ISA))

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Samuel Goh Kim Eng
1 Sep 2011 1.36am


While politicians do their juggling acts
Let the poets freely express their wise facts
While politicians try to solve problems with ‘bribes’
Let the poets smartly solve them with ‘pride’

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Wed. 31st Aug. 2011.

charlie chan
charlie chan
31 Aug 2011 7.28pm

the lesser component parties from MCA ,mIC, gerakan PPP must help to bring down the extremist n corrupted BN UMNO . this is to save malaysia n her citizens, for a better future all must help to dislodge BN UMNO in GE 13

Cry For Me Malaysia
Cry For Me Malaysia
31 Aug 2011 1.22pm

As we come together to celebrate our national day, it’s very disturbing to read the comments left behind by all the bloggers whatnot in almost all sites which are mostly so angry,disapponted,disillusioned, of how our nation is now and blamed squarely the govment,umnoputras and their lesser hopeless partners in BN who are there for universally-known reasons.Aren’t the govment anxious and concerned to find out why so many people are not happy with the way our nation is moving(disunity,religions tension,scandals one after another,rising costs of living)? As a concerned citizen, I humbly ask all these men of great power, greater titles to PLEASE spend 80% of your paid work time on thinking deep how to make the nation stand up again as one where we ALL can be proud of to compete with the world; and NOT 80% of your time on votes,empty rhetorics and DSAI.PLEASE SIRS,HELP US LESSER BEINGS WE BEG YOU.