What good does the ‘Melayu Bangkit’ rally bring to our nation?


Umno leaders have to cease stoking and fomenting issues that can cause resentment among the Malaysian population; otherwise, their race-religious-centric party will see a speedy demise, writes Mohamed Arshad Raji.

The ‘Melayu Bangkit’ rally organised by Umno leaders at Kampung Gajah, Pasir Salak, Perak on 1 September has courted controversy and criticism by various civil society groups.

It caused tension, disharmony and social unrest among peace-loving Malaysians. At a time when the nation is going through difficult economic and social stress, such a rally was least desired.

Patriot takes a serious view at the speeches made by Umno leaders, notably Annuar Musa, Tajuddin Abd Rahman and Lokman Adam, who accuse Pakatan Harapan (PH) leaders of failing to protect Malay interests and those of the Malay rulers, fearing an eventual takeover of the federal government by a DAP-led or a non-Malay government.

These Umno leaders obviously have lost their sense of reasoning. Their speeches are reflective of themselves being mentally challenged. They showed lack of respect for the elderly Dr Mahathir Mohamad through their childish name-calling – conduct uncharacteristic of Malay culture, which accords elderly people due respect – setting a bad example to the young.

Patriot urges these Umno leaders to conduct themselves as mature politicians and articulate national and social issues well, as this is the best way to redeem their lost credibility. They have to cease stoking and fomenting issues that can cause resentment among the Malaysian population. Otherwise, their race-religious-centric party will see a speedy demise.

Umno leaders ought to understand that the nation gained its independence from the British colonialists based on the latter’s belief that a multi-racial Malaya could survive the post-independent period based on the examples of racial harmony, tolerance and unity set by our founding fathers.

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The rights of the Malays and those of the Malay rulers are well entrenched in the Federal Constitution. If Umno, which had led the nation for the last 60 years, still says that the Malays and the Malay rulers need to be protected, then there must be something seriously wrong with the previous policies of the government led by Umno itself.

Umno must know that it is its own failures that led to a situation where the Malays lost out in pursuit of social and economic betterment, as compared to the other races, with the exception of a few Malays due to their close association and kinship with the political leadership. We now know that there are already several Malay billionaires, but they prefer to remain anonymous.

In the pursuit of a new Malaysia, Patriot urges all parties, especially the Umno leadership to set aside its feeling of animosity, if any, towards the newly elected PH government. Abandon the unhealthy tactic of stirring racial and religious issues. By all means function as an effective opposition and provide a check and balance on the ruling party.

The ‘Melayu Bangkit’ rally did not add value to the wellbeing and betterment of the nation and its people. Rather, it was a hindrance and a setback to our nation’s current quest for a united, progressive and prosperous Malaysian society.

Retired Brigadier General Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji is president of Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan.

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16 Sep 2018 5.22pm

After more than 60 years of … all sorts of dedak, is it still not enough?

The racist[s] must be a confirmed bunch of misfits and loafers. Do they still want to be categorized as such??

Muhammad Farhan
4 Sep 2018 9.41pm

bunch of idiot

فر ازوليا
4 Sep 2018 10.01pm

So much pH losers here. Whatever floats your boats. Admin the biggest loser who don’t know how to minds their own business. Great.

Wong Tai Chin
5 Sep 2018 9.43am

bangkit kleptocracy

فر ازوليا
4 Sep 2018 9.59pm

I know that you’d oppose to this but tbh if Bersih could do their rally so does other party, organisation and whoever interested to make one for any reason or purpose to do theirs. Two cents.

Pearly Paul
5 Sep 2018 8.34am

There is a great difference when Berseh rallied!! Berseh rallied for free and fair elections as there was so much of cheating!!!!

David Elumalai
5 Sep 2018 11.42pm

They were blocked from robbing the country and this is just an excuse to get back to power and rob again but the malays arent that stupid … to let these umno morons to abuse them..

CSiong Tan
4 Sep 2018 10.04pm

After 509 no more dedak that is why they are craving hysterically like drug addict. Have to send them to rehabilitation for counselling, poor guys!

Boo Yeang Khoo
4 Sep 2018 10.27pm

61 tahun tidur musuh dalam selimut dengan pemimpin Melayu beragama Islam, Najib dan kroni-kroni DUMNO

Hisham Idris
4 Sep 2018 9.33pm

Melayu UMNO aja yang bangkit. Bangkit daripada tidur, kuih bangkit, entahlah… akupun tak tahu bangkit apa yang nak dibangkitkan! Ish ish ish… 😆

Frank Meeng
5 Sep 2018 9.18am
Reply to  Hisham Idris

Actually they want the government to continue to pamper them more than other races in another word they wish and want other races to realised their supremacy based on “ketuanan melayu” … all given 100% special treatments…even then they will never be satisfied…until eternity.

James Hoh
5 Sep 2018 12.52pm
Reply to  Hisham Idris

Haha.. you are funny!!

Rajan Subramaniam
4 Sep 2018 9.23pm

Where is the police???.. How on earth is this gathering and the speeches has not been construed as racially charged..they rather support a robber then a minister with integrity… Such a shame…

James Hoh
4 Sep 2018 9.36pm

Racism bangkit…what else?

فر ازوليا
4 Sep 2018 10.00pm
Reply to  James Hoh

Does DAP sound like racism bangkit to you?

Murali Subramaniam
4 Sep 2018 10.02pm
Reply to  James Hoh

DAP have members from multiple ethnics

6 Sep 2018 12.53pm

It is truly and pragmatically important for all of us as Malaysian citizens to stand together. We must not forget that apart from the local political challenges today, and acknowledging that we are a small nation, there are constantly growing unhealthy geo-political international developments around us. We can be quite easily negatively and dangerously impacted by the above. Let us think and re ‘EDUCATE’ ourselves, and especially our young starting this very moment, on BEING Malaysian. And this needs sacrifice. The bumiputeras have nothing to worry about as regards their place and rights in OUR nation. The Constitution is very clear of this.
The new government NEEDS to check certain race-oriented people, re’educate’ them and then only allow them a voice in the PUBLIC arena. These people can do a lot of harm to our growing youth. …

5 Sep 2018 6.20pm

Cara nak bangkit ialah rajin belajar dan kerja tekun. Bukan merampas kuasa dan merompak kekayaan negara. Slogan yang disorak pun tak betul bagaimana nak bangkit?

James Ooi
4 Sep 2018 8.02pm

Bangkit Bangun Cepat pergi Kerja!

John Fam
4 Sep 2018 8.17pm

I know my Malay friends will be mortally insulted by the statement “ Melayu Bangkit” . This statement is meant for the Umno Malays and this battle cry is good . Samdol bangkit pi cari kerja. Jangan harap minta kontrak atau nak jadi kaya tampa kerja .

Fami Isa
4 Sep 2018 7.42pm

The title, in itself, stipulate that melayu tidor all these while.
As a melayu, I must protest against those … organiser.

Stan Lee
4 Sep 2018 7.41pm

Actually …umno used it as a tool to protect its party position and to distract others of their bad deeds and corrupt practices.

Joshua Lim
4 Sep 2018 7.47pm

Racism,supremacy are walls that isolate some Malays, just like how the Great Wall isolated China… we shld open our minds n learn from others’ mistakes, others’ success….

Frank Meeng
4 Sep 2018 7.49pm

For all those 61 years they were harbanating or staying in their comfortable cocoons until they were awaken by the landslide victory of the PH coliation front … anyway, that’s the great awakening of the morons.

Philomena Pereira
4 Sep 2018 7.32pm

Bunch of morons who live in denial.

Sathiabalan Selvaraju
4 Sep 2018 7.35pm

Since when they were bothered about the nation; it’s always been race, religion and royalty

Murali Subramaniam
4 Sep 2018 10.02pm

N their pockets!!