Patriot’s call to rescue Azilah and Sirul from the gallows

A retrial would help correct the negative perceptions swirling around the Malaysian justice system

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Patriot had on 15 October 2022 released a press statement (“Altantuya murder: Reopen probe in light of Deepak’s revelation – Patriot“, published by Aliran) urging that the case relating to the ghastly murder of the Mongolian citizen Altantuya Shaariibuu be reopened in the light of Deepak Jaikishan’s exposes in a series of interviews on Jom Channel recently, in early October.

In the interview, Deepak claimed he was present at the residence of now-imprisoned Najib Razak at Jalan Langgak Duta the very night when the plan to eliminate Altantuya was allegedly told to Najib by his wife Rosmah Mansor.

Public sentiment relating to the death sentence verdict for Azilah Hadri and Sirul Azhar Umar for the murder of Altantuya, harbored around many doubts and including questions whispered about the role played by Najib’s aide-de-camp Deputy Superintendent of Police Musa Safri.

For reasons, in all probability only known to certain parties, the deputy superintendent was not called as a witness by the prosecution or the defence despite the high probability of his testimony being vital to the case.

Patriot takes cognisance of public opinion on whether the prosecution and the defence team were allegedly working hand in glove to cover up a sinister plot which led to the gruesome murder.

While waiting in death row, Azilah in his statutory declaration made at the Kajang Prison on 17 October 2019 presented in detail the orders he received from Najib, who at the time was the Deputy Prime Minister, at Najib’s house in Pekan, Pahang on 17 October 2006.

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It was alleged that the orders from Najib to Azilah were unambiguous, ie to arrest a foreign spy who was a woman, shoot to kill her, destroy her body and obliterate any signs of her remains.

Both Azilah and Sirul, who appeared to have no motive whatsoever to brutally kill Altantuya, on the contrary, had to execute a ‘lawful order’ to take the life of someone of no particular interest to both of them.

Azilah’s statutory declaration was taken under oath and therefore deemed to be the truth. But it is not known if there were police reports made relating to the statutory declaration.

Hence, Patriot believes this case deserves to be fully investigated to get to the bottom of this murder and to bring to justice all those involved, and to once and for all bring it to a full and final closure.

Never has there ever been a murder in this country where explosives were used to dismember a lone, defenceless victim to smithereens.

Questions need to be asked. Why would Azilah and Sirul resort to such a devilish method to murder a defenceless woman, if it was not a marching order from someone of authority? And who was that person of authority who belted the order to erase Altantuya into nothingness?

Patriot reiterates its 15 October statement that, had there been no orders from Najib to eliminate Altantuya, she would still be alive today and probably enjoying a life with the baby that she was said to be carrying at the time.

If we take Azilah’s statutory declaration to be the truth, then Najib would be regarded in the public domain as the prime suspect – the very person who ordered the killing of Altantuya.

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Therefore, to ensure justice prevails for Najib too, a retrial is long overdue.

Patriot once again urges the authorities to reopen investigations into the murder of Altantuya. Najib, Rosmah, Razak Baginda, Musa and Deepak – all of them must be summoned as prime witnesses in the retrial.

To deny a retrial would mean that Azilah and Sirul are, regrettably, clear victims of injustice, and that the person(s) deemed complicit in the murder will live their remaining lives with the unsettling conscience that they were privy to the murder of Altantuya.

A retrial should also be an express need, as it must also extend the same opportunity to all those suspected and speculated [to be involved] to this day by the court of public opinion.

Most certainly, a retrial would also help correct the negative perceptions swirling around the Malaysian justice system owing to this totally uncalled for, most gruesome and heinous murdering of a foreign citizen in our own backyard.

Last but not least, a retrial must return the trust and respect for our police personnel who have been struggling to save their damaged image and reputation – with regard to the circumstances surrounding the killing of Altantuya.

Retired Brigadier General Dato’ Mohamed Arshad Raji is president of the National Patriots Association (Patriot)

The views expressed in Aliran's media statements and the NGO statements we have endorsed reflect Aliran's official stand. Views and opinions expressed in other pieces published here do not necessarily reflect Aliran's official position.
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23 Oct 2022 11.00pm

Hope all those involved, intentionally or otherwise do the right thing by speaking up or may they be afflicted and disturbed by their own conscience. Let those who are involved have no peace!

Khoo Soo Hay
Khoo Soo Hay
23 Oct 2022 8.08am

It’s all high politics or you may say, dirty as a monsoon drain. Well yes, the country needs one big monsoon to drown all the dirty corrupted UMNO … and clean this beautiful country of ours of the dregs of society. When can we have clean politicians?

Tris W.
Tris W.
22 Oct 2022 11.53am

Government is not interested as the truth hurts! Perhaps they already know, just not interested to take action only.