Patriot demands answers to Deepak’s claim of RM100bn stashed away

There is a viral interview on social media where the carpet merchant Deepak claims that Rosmah and Najib have stashed away a whopping RM100bn in some overseas destination.

True or false, the fact that a citizen has boldly stepped forward to speak openly of this unbelievable, ugly sum of hoarded wealth means the government of the day cannot remain silent.

Patriot reiterates that good citizenry demands an accountable, transparent and speedy investigation into Deepak’s claim.

Patriot believes that the need for police reports or a report lodged with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission before investigations are expedited is absurd.

The prime minister who with speed recently summoned an investigation of a former attorney general must account to the citizens’ concern over this latest RM100bn theft claim or allegation.

Ismail Sabri Yaakob must likewise publicly announce a call to investigate with no stone unturned and without fear or favour.

How will the powers that be handle this latest revelation implicating Najib and Rosmah will permanently set a benchmark for the significance and importance of patriotism, respect for the rule of law and national values in our nation?

Patriot therefore demands answers and right action.

Retired Brigadier General Dato’ Mohd Arshad Raji is president of the National Patriots Association

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K.P. Doraisamy
K.P. Doraisamy
7 Oct 2022 1.17pm

I watched that video and I was shocked at this revelation! In addition I laughed at the suggestions made by this supposed to be whistle blower! Those who have not seen, please do so!

6 Oct 2022 10.18am

“Patriot believes that the need for police reports or a report lodged with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission before investigations are expedited is absurd.”

Comment: I thought the Commissioner Azam himself stated the MACC does start investigation even before any police reports are lodged if warranted.

Notwithstanding that, it becomes incumbent on the MACC to investigate such an open accusation. The accuser is therefore prepared to face all consequences (including being sued) if he is proven to have lied.

Tris W.
Tris W.
6 Oct 2022 2.54am

Of course all the enforcements will not dare to record statements from Deepak and act accordingly when government of the day is Umno! It’s only voters would give PH the mandate in GE15 only will such illicit outflow of funds slowly but surely be uncovered bit by bit and repatriated!