Gender equality group disturbed by RM1200-offer to slap Teresa Kok


That a group of men can openly incite violence against women is a result of the environment of impunity the government has created, says the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality.


We are extremely disturbed by reports that a group calling themselves the Council of Islamic NGOs, offered to give RM1,200 as a reward to anybody who slaps YB Teresa Kok, a woman member of Parliament.

That a group of men can, without any hesitation, openly and proudly incite violence against women, is a result of the environment of impunity the government has created – an environment that protects extremist groups at the cost of oppositional voices.

Reasonable and compassionate Malaysians have had enough. Malaysians of all creeds have stood up to condemn this crude threat to violence against YB Teresa.

The government must condemn and punish the perpetrators of this malicious attack, and ensure the protection of YB Teresa immediately. Failure to do so would send the message that the government condones acts of violence against women and that violence against women is acceptable. The government must instead lead the way in promoting respect for women.

Joint Action Group for Gender Equality
7 February 2014

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  1. This blatant act is much bigger than just ignoring gender equality. It is no different from employing a hit-man. It is still a crime. Police have no choice but to act. Question is, which is more superior, justice or politics?

  2. Actually, this is a natural progression in terms of the mood of injustice and intolerance in Malaysia. It was brought to a new low when the former Home Minister waved a kris in an UMNO GA … The fish rots from the head.

  3. How can such a blatant provocation be allowed to happen in Malaysia? Isn’t it a criminal offence to instigate the public to strike a person, let alone a duly elected woman member of parliament, with the promise of a monetary reward? It is unthinkable that no police action is forthcoming so far. Has the country really gone to the dogs?


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