DBKL Ramadan bazaar: First red mark for Pakatan Harapan


A scandal is still a scandal however trivial and must be investigated with the full vigour of the law, says Patriot.

The DBKL Ramadan bazaar issue over the last few days involving a Bersatu division leader, Bukit Bintang MP and a DBKL official is the first red mark for the Pakatan Harapan government.

It is now reported that several vendors admitted they paid RM3,000-RM5,000 per lot through middlemen for which DBKL charged only RM6,238 for 80 lots.

A scandal is still a scandal however trivial and must be investigated with the full vigour of the law. Action must be taken against any guilty party, and only then will PH continue to enjoy the full confidence and respect of the people.

Patriot would like to remind PH MPs and state assembly members to be extra careful in making recommendation for licences, permits, contract work, and projects.

Similarly, civil servants in local governments, government agencies and departments need not fear politicians and oblige their letters of recommendation. As long as standard operating procedures are followed and decisions made for the good of the wider populace, there should be no fear.

Patriot hopes this first red mark incident is also the last. We have much to do in rebuilding our nation.

BG Dato Mohamed Arshad Raji (rtd) is president of Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaan

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  1. Clean up !! Should not allow the parasit to grow, whoever have the infor on the wrongdoings plz report to MACC for an investigation to take place & clean up PH !!


  2. First blackball for PH. Bad start ! Spew of BN UMNO DNA. Investigations necessary and the Rakyat informed. Don’t sweep it under the carpet ! Don’t think Malaysians forget easily. Come next GE, you’ll taste the wrath of the people.

    • BAD HABIT DIES HARD. Graduated from Old School. Wherever they go they carry along the old dirty culture with them Whoever they are who graduated from the same house. No halal haram. Ular menjalar akar takkan hilang bisanya.

  3. Second. First red mark was last year when Pribumi menghasut the PKR govt and shut down the beer festival in Selangor. Expect a repeat this October and every year after.

  4. Those involved should be severely dealt with and must be done without fear or favour.Also relook back the previous cases for any malpractice as I believe this is only the tip of the iceberg

  5. In Malaysia Baru, it’s time for systematic mentality change. Government is not all-powerful. Police and the justice system should be impartial and exercise their powers without fear or influence from government. Otherwise PH will become BN 2.0. Please take action.

  6. Should look into this…rm3k – 5k hisap darah…the MP cannot get away just because he stated in his letter it is DBKL’s final decision – why write the letter then?

  7. Yes agreed 1st Red Mark. Punish those involved including the MP who isdued such a supporting letter. DBKL please change your attitude You are not oblighed to any POLITICIANS. INFUTURE THROW SUCH SUPPORTING LETTERS INTO THE WASTE PAPER BASKET AND REPORT TO MACC.

    • The culture of writing ‘Surat sokongan’ must stop and be regarded as a corrupt practice. If a person is qualified with his/her own merit- why on earth you need a supporting letter from a third (deemed influential) party?

      • Its the money of the hard earn rakyat must give back to them. IF PH want to be clean and to free of corruption, this case must be investigated and action taken. We don’t need corrupted minister, mp and and a corrupted public servant, trow then in the waste bin.


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