Justice Department’s revelations: Attorney general must act now

Attorney General Apandi Ali - Photograph: 1MDB

Jho Loh’s trail of moving laundered monies has been clearly exposed. The attorney general must now act – or he may be perceived to be shielding wrongdoers, say Ambiga Sreenevasan and Gurdial Singh Nijar.

We are truly shocked that the attorney general has been so quick to dismiss the disclosures made by the latest US Department of Justice findings that 1MDB funds were used for private persons connected to Malaysian Official 1, who has been identified as the prime minister by a minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.

The attorney general is the guardian of the public interest. Significantly, he was part of a special task force to investigate the 1MDB matter. He has also asserted in court proceedings that if there is fresh evidence, then he could revive investigations against any wrongdoer.

The Justice Department provides this further fresh evidence. Even before then, there was ample evidence to initiate proceedings.

Additionally, there is clear evidence of assets within Malaysia emanating from or related to the 1MDB fund. Other countries – such as the United States, Switzerland and Singapore – have seized such assets. Some banks and officers have been prosecuted and convicted for allowing 1MDB funds to be channelled by them.

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Jho Loh’s trail of moving the laundered monies has been clearly exposed.

What else is the attorney general waiting for?

The attorney general must now act to preserve the integrity of his high office – or else he may be perceived by the public as shielding wrongdoers.

Dato Ambiga Sreenevasan is president of the Human Rights Society of Malaysia and Dato Dr Gurdial Singh Nijar is deputy president.

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