Survival manual for foreign spouses of Malaysian citizens

At the Immigration Department

The Foreign Spouses of Malaysians group has come up with this guide specially aimed at foreign spouses who are newly wed or relocating to Malaysia.

Congratulations and welcome to Malaysia. This ‘manual’ has been prepared to give you an overview and assist you in coping with some of the challenges faced by foreign spouses married to Malaysians. It will also prepare you for this Malaysian experience.

We suggest you read this together, with your Malaysian spouse, as everything here affects not just you, the foreign spouse, but also affects the life of the Malaysian spouse and the children to come.

By the way, the last time a count was done at immigration several years ago, we numbered 100,000 spouses. Mainly young couples like yourself who come to the country with great expectations, only to get floored by bureaucratic delays, difficulties in securing jobs and disillusionment with the daunting situation ahead.

The reason this Survival Manual was put together is so that you may not be as clueless as we were, and we hope that it will throw some light on what lies ahead.

First things first. We hope that your registration of marriage (ROM) has been completed with Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) or the National Registration Department.

Now that you are happily married, it makes you eligible to apply for a (very) long-term social visit pass (LTSVP). We know the name sounds as if we spouses are visitors only when in fact we are in the serious business of raising a Malaysian family in Malaysia.

Be sure that Malaysian wifey/hubby takes leave and accompanies you for every visit to Immigration. Often repeated visits are required for each renewal of visa – be prepared to stay the entire day. It is a running joke among us spouses that Immigration is our second home!

Ahh, yes, once you receive your visa you may be worried with the statement on your visa: “any form of employment is strictly prohibited – SPOUSE OF A MALAYSIAN CITIZEN.”

Stay calm; luckily spouses are now allowed to work with an endorsement on the passport; in the 1990s, we were not allowed to work, and many of us lost our prime time while we waited for permanent residence (PR).

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Well, be prepared that you will not be allowed to work until you are on a one-year visa; so for the first six months or so, you are required to cool your heels, just sit back to the “forced unemployment”, courtesy of the state bureaucracy. Enjoy the sunny weather, get adjusted to the Malaysian way of life; we wonder if the bureaucracy expects us to live merely on love and fresh air?

Notwithstanding that you are the man/woman of the house and need a job to support the family, it is essential that you obtain a letter from your Malaysian spouse giving you permission to work!

An offer letter from your employer is also a requisite, in order to get the endorsement. Most employers are hesitant to accept spouses for employment when they see that statement on the visa; however, we hope that you are among the lucky ones to find an employer to take you on board.

Now that you have managed the difficult part of securing employment, here’s the most annoying: your employer only needs to pay RM5 per month for EPF, while they deduct 11% off your salary towards it! Not fair, right? After all EPF is the only savings most Malaysians workers have at retirement.

But that’s not all, though you have contributed to EPF, you are not allowed to make withdrawals to buy a house for your Malaysian family nor for your Malaysian child’s college education.

Now for the worst: you will be asked to produce an air ticket to your home country to withdraw at age 55, if you still haven’t got your PR. (Heck, after 25-30 years here and losing ties in our birth country, they still don’t realise that Malaysia is our home?)

Shush… most of us who came in the early 1990s thought that PR would come only posthumously, though these days the process is a bit quicker, you merely wait for years, not decades as we did.

Now if you need to buy a house, you will have to buy one that is above RM1m, and if it is jointly purchased with your spouse, make sure the home is above RM2m; yes, yes, we know you are purchasing the home for your Malaysian family.

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Wonder if the Ministry of Housing and Local Government is listening? Bet, you did not expect that you would be treated as a mere foreign investor, right? This is life for us foreign spouses and we are only half way through, bro/sista!

OK, just so that the smaller things don’t get forgotten, you will have to pay tourist rates at theme and leisure parks and other tourist attractions, while your Malaysian family pays local rates. Oh yes, there is a deposit that has to be paid if you want a phone line.

You also get less interest at the banks for fixed deposits. For a credit card, some providers ask for a monthly salary of RM12,000 and others will ask for a deposit of RM10,000. Not many of us are in that income bracket; perhaps you will have better luck than us.

This is a gentle reminder to you to carry your passport wherever you go. Often, we foreigners are the target of spot checks by our efficient men in blue! No excuse accepted even if you are in swimming attire. Once, we were asked for documents by the coastguard while island-hopping. We had to return to the hotel to show my passport. That was the end of our sightseeing, much to the disappointment of my Malaysian kids, and no refunds given for the fare paid.

Now, make sure that you also carry your marriage certificate with you should you seek treatment at the government hospital; otherwise, you will be charged the same rate as those poor migrant workers and believe it or not, it does cost as much as those pricey private medical centres.

Just a little more to bear, as we enter the home run of PR. You are eligible to apply for PR, after being five years on the LTVSP, although approval for PR may take even longer. Some of us were given the runaround just to obtain the PR application forms, which were mysteriously out of print! You may not face this problem.

Then you both compile loads of documents for submission based on the checklist and forms which are available at state immigration departments. These days you have the facility of their website, which lists the documents required.

You then submit the PR documents at the state immigration department. We were sent to different state departments before our documents got accepted. After submission, both of you have to wait for the interview call, then another longer wait for the police check.

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Oh, but you can track the progress on the immigration website. For years, for years our status stated “sedang di proses”.

Arguably, it is more difficult and takes longer for male spouses to get PR, and officers at immigration admit it too! Years pass by, children have become adults and it is quite embarrassing if one is still on the LTVSP, while many others boast of holding not just the Red MyPR but the cool Blue IC.

Yes, yes, we are often reminded and we are well aware that PR is not a right but a privilege. Haven’t they realised that money earned by spouses is spent here in Malaysia on our Malaysian families, rather than the constant rant we hear of cash outflows?

Finally, the day arrives when your spouse receives the mail to collect the letter for the long-awaited Permit Masuk. Then another wait for JPN to process the My PR card. All in all, about 7-10 years and you would be lucky to have the PR within that time. OK, that’s it – unbelievable, isn’t it?

For us, it took much longer, and it was surreal when I held dearly onto My PR. We celebrated the long grind to this momentous day, my eldest in college, my close-to-retirement hubby and I. It sure was a long wait, from the day I came in as a young bride in the 1990s; the century turned and I with greying hair holding on to my Malaysian PR! We hope the authorities will be kinder on you.

Oh yes, lets quickly cover citizenship: though most of us get mired in the PR process, we just forget that citizenship is available to us. Now while women spouses are eligible for citizenship two years after PR, male spouses have to wait 10 years after PR for citizenship by naturalisation.

We’ve run through the gamut and left out the nitty-gritty so that you don’t get put off. Don’t be like many other professional spouses who left the country unwilling to face the tedious processes; there’s been enough brain drain.

Welcome to the club and we wish you both the very best!

It will be a pleasure to meet up with you on our Facebook page or if you have any queries: Foreign Spouses Support Group

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I am in a midst of trying to do a ROM with a Thai girlfriend. I do not know the process much and what documents to provide from Thailand. When I went to Putrajaya, it is almost impossible to get the info I need. I do not want to waste money on air ticket needing to go back to Thailand again for missing documents. Can anybody please advice me?


I got spouse visa last week,in that it’s mentioned as I’m restricted to work.I got selected for my friend company.Will the immigration provide me work endorsement if I produce company offer letter?

Denton Dupuis
Denton Dupuis

Wow . I am an American that married a woman from Sarawak 20 years ago . My advice is leave . I spent 2 years in this system that changed every time I went to immigration . I almost got deported and left because a Malaysian jail sounded awful to me .I was even questioned about my Israeli work permits from the past . This country is oppressive to foreign people . We live happily in the USA free from the Islamic regulations and only have to renew the green card every 10 years . The immigration officials seemed fickle and only a few would use English with me . It may be different for people from Asian countries but Westerners should be cautious. My Malaysian family is awesome . Country is beautiful . Government is beyond words .

yaseen Mustafa
yaseen Mustafa

hello hi i am from pakistan work in malaysia i recently went to indonesia where i married with indonesian …..NOw i wish she lives with me…..On which visa she will live with me….

Khun Pana
Khun Pana

The rule of the game changes all the time.
It is up to the whims and fancies of our Imigresen dept.
You’ll be lucky to get a 12 months spousal visa.
At certain times, your visa renewal might be good for just 3 months or 6 months extension.
Another funny thing is our imigresen offices normally have touts or “agents” running up and down. They can do wonders (for a certain fee).
Don;t take my words but do observe closely on your next visit to PutraJaya Imigresen
“Danial Ahmad” commented that Malaysia is an Islamic Country.
It does not help at all when we have ministers and govt medias repeating the same lie.
Malaysia is Secular as clearly explained and explicitly answered in the Parliament by T.Abdul Rahman ( 1st. premier of Malaysia) and recorded in Hansard.
Thank you


Hey I’m 22 and married to a Malaysian man. And on LTSVP FOR 3 years. do you have tips on getting a job? Or recommendation which company will hire someone like me?

ted can apply in call centers too and big companies. just be ready for interview about work permit. technically you will need a work endorsement(not a work permit)since you have an ltsvp, if you get a job offer.but it’s easier to process with only the sumpa fee, photo and letter from your spouse.


hi im a foreigner married to a malaysian husband for 15yrs, been here for that long with 2 kids (10 and 3). my husband recently want a divorce and i agree. my question is if i were to stay here so i can be close to my kids and hopefuly able to live with them. my question is since my visa is under spouse visa , my husband as guarantor, what will happen later? what type of visa can i apply in order to get to stay and work in the country?


hi.. did you get any answer..would you mind sharing it with me ?


Hi All,
I was married with malaysian girl in malaysia(2010). Now my mother want to visit me in malaysia. Normally she get 1 month visa & extension of 1 month same like tourist visa. Overseas Spouse parents can get six month visa instant. Any body know malaysian rules for apouse parents?



i’m Pakistani national and married to Malay national. i’m currently working in Saudi Arabia and my wife is in Malaysia and i’m going to visit her in couple of months. My question is, while i’m visiting her on one month visit visa is it possible for me to apply for spouse visa along all requirements during that one month visit visa? How long is the process for spouse visa and what is visa fee? i will be really thankful if anyone can give answer…thanks


Hi My wife is a Filipino and she went back to Philippines to visit her family. My question is: is it ok for her to stay there for a month as her father is not well and she likes to spend some time with him. Will there be any issue when we renew her visa for next year?
By the way she already has her long term social visa and this is her second visa which is a 1 year term visa that we took in April this year.

Next thing i would like to ask is, do i need to get her a return ticket for her to come back here or one way ticket is fine. Why im asking this is i had mix answer from two different immigration staff. One says batter get two way just in case and the other said one way is fine there wont be any issues. pls advise. Thank you.

Danial Ahmad
Danial Ahmad

Dear everyone who has honor in anywhere in the world. Till now I thought that Malyasia is a real Islamic country but … Corruption cover it all and more. Sarting from top of the state and botom. the story starts by marry a malaysian lady. Then when we went to the so called Immigration in the Great Capital of the State, Kuala Lumpor, they hurry up not to welcome us but to find any smart reason for sending us faraway from them. They predicted that there is no any problem to get Spouse visa but all what you have to do is to go immigration in Kelantan because the wife address is located there. The Hell trip started, we went to immigration Kelantan, as the head quortor immigration explaned. From the first second we arrived the immigration Kelantan, none or nothing welcome us. It seemed that we are in place where anyone has any kind of right to ask must be suppressed… The Lady GAGA (I will keep her name for now) became so angry without any reason from us and refused even to give us… Read more »


Hi ..i am married to malaysian.
If it happen that my husband will die do i have tge right to take half of the property since he had daughter from previous wife.or if ever we apply for divorce can i take anything from property or he will pay me.? I hope u can answer me..its not that i want this to happen but i get curious about his x wife always talking about property and whatever she can take from our house she confused..

Foreign Spouses Support Group
Foreign Spouses Support Group

Shy – your rights to property will be similar to Malaysians, if you are a Muslim, it will be based on Shariya law, you could call and check either with Sisters in Islam or Legal Aid Centre, Bar Council. Both contacts are available online.


Hi, I am a foreigner married to a Malaysian in 2017. I was under DP10 pass until my marriage and soon after it expired (not cancelled) as I went back to home country. Now I am not working in my previous company and not extended my work permit.

How can I come back to Malaysia now and convert my tourist visa (if i get one) to Depended Visa.

Foreign Spouses Support Group
Foreign Spouses Support Group

This article was written in March 2016, since then there have been some changes.
Clearly Immigration now requires for the application for spouse visa to be submitted only after 6 months of marriage.
The good news is, now spouses can withdraw funds from EPF, similar to Malaysians.
Should you require more queries on the issue of foreign spouses married to Malaysians, feel free to contact our fb page at Foreign Spouses Support Group or inbox us.

Alma Poor Malaysian
Alma Poor Malaysian

Malaysia is ruled by one dishonest and corrupt gang who is making life miserble for poor malaysians.
Look at the house pricess, the so called one million foreigner home. Why bother to waste one million in country with no job no future . Instead this has backfired and even malaysian cant buy home coz developer want one million for one bathroom size home…

jackson goh
jackson goh

Dear sir, I want to ask a question. my wife who is a foreigner been here on long term visa since 2011 but she always go back on holiday to her country. is she entitle to a malaysia pr? I read somewhere they say want to apply for malaysia pr cannot leave malaysia for 5 years. is it true?

hope you can answer my question.


Aftab Ali
Aftab Ali

Well, yr journey towards PR wasn’t so pleasent, but here what I have been facing, Married in 2014,unfortunately jobs are like not available for me at ipoh, and I can’t move elsewhere Coz my wife is govt servant, long story short, I got employeers who were willing to hire me as full time as well part time, but immigration people said this company don’t have cawangan here so get lost, then my wife got an enterprises for me so I can work from home, do some online business, it took us one year to get a reply, today they called to provide my 3 months bank statement and my tickets when and how many times I trevalled to kl or other cities coz I mentioned a kind of business whivh required to go kl often. I’m very sad very hopeless and very much regretting marrying here, it’s going to ruin my marriage.. Now I have some bus tickets I can get bank statement… But is it constitutional? I m thinking to go to court. What do you say? 011******* Pls give me a call and help… Read more »