Activist arrested: Government using Sosma against political opponents

The arrest of a SAMM political activist poses a grave danger to the rule of law and the liberties of all Malaysians, says N Surendran.


I refer to the arrest of Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) activist Saiden Ismail under Sosma 2012 on 30 April 2014 by counter-terrorism police.

We are shocked and appalled by this arrest of a political activist under counter-terrorism laws. No evidence whatsoever has been produced linking Saiden with any kind of militant activity. If there is any such evidence of terror activity, why not charge Saiden in open court?

It is also extremely disturbing that the detained person is a member of a group (SAMM) which is a strong critic of the Umno/BN government. It is illegal and unconstitutional for the government to use terror laws against political critics and dissenters.

Section 4(3) of Sosma clearly states that no person is to be arrested and detained “solely for his political belief or political activity”. This section was specifically inserted to prevent the government from abusing Sosma for political purposes.

In its effect, Sosma is similar to the ISA as no bail is allowed pending trial and appeals. Through Sosma, the government has re-introduced the ISA through the back door.

The arrest of SAMM political activist Saiden poses a grave danger to the rule of law and the liberties of all Malaysians. Once again Malaysians are under threat of long-term detention solely for carrying on legitimate political activities.

We are also gravely concerned for Saiden’s well-being in view of the physical abuse and torture that happened to detainees under the old ISA.

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The Najib government has blatantly broken its word that Sosma will not be used against political opponents.

We demand that Saiden Ismail and all others recently arrested under Sosma 2012 be released immediately and unconditionally. We further call upon the government to abolish Sosma 2012 and investigate and charge suspects under ordinary criminal laws.

N Surendran is the Member of Parliament for Padang Serai

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najib manaukau
3 May 2014 7.53am

This is further proof of the kind of false promises that Najib made, just take the empty promise he made that one million affordable houses will be built if he is retained in Putrajaya before the GE he made. Now almost one year after the GE, what or how many of these affordable houses he promised, has he built or even planned to build ? NOT ONE, this is only a typical kind of promises he made, not to mention the other promises he made since he became the PM. What he really cares for and good at is to buy or lease a jet for himself and or his wife to fly around the world ! This is not the kind of PM Malaysia needs and he only represents what all the Umno schmucks are really good at. Mark my words he and all the Umno schmucks will, again come up with and make all kind of promises before the next GE.They will even promise that Malaysia will land a Malay on the moon if the Umno schmucks is retained at Putrajaya. Surely this time… Read more »