To vote or not to vote: Why has this question surfaced?

Important questions - such as why the call for spoiled votes as an expression of dissent has surfaced - have been left unattended, observes...

MIC yang halimunan

Daripada parti yang pernah berjuang dalam membebaskan tanah air daripada cengkaman kolonial, kini ia hanya dibadutkan bagai sebuah jenaka, ujar Jaymani Sevanathan. Selepas pilihan...

Harapan Malaysia dari perspektif golongan muda

Khirbashini Munugaran berharap kerajaan baharu akan memandang berat aspirasi golongan muda dalam bidang pendidikan dan peluang pekerjaan. Pilihan raya umum 2018 membuktikan bahawa kuasa...

Teach children to rise above challenges, face the world courageously

Khirbashini Munugaran discusses the impact that drama serials may have on young people going through difficult times. The thoughts and hearts of children are...

Climate change: The clock is ticking, and time is not on our side

The first thing we should do is stop fooling ourselves that we can do things slowly and that the change can be gradual and...

Kayu pengukur pendidikan tidak seharusnya sekadar gred purata, abjad A-F

Akui atau tidak, antara masalah pendidikan adalah disebabkan oleh jurang sosio-ekonomi yang wujud di Malaysia, ujar Farah Najihah. “SPM 2016: GPN lebih baik, 8,647...

Fate of Pulau Jerejak lies in Penangites’ hands

What is our collective decision on what to do with this island steeped in history? Eric Thoo looks at what is at stake. The...

A case of LGBTQ

Members of the LGBTQ community have the right to live in dignity regardless of their choice of lifestyle, writes Lavaniyan Nathan Jothy. The lesbian,...

How environmentalism will take us home

The environmental movement is no longer something that can be ignored. In fact, it is the only hope of saving our planet - and...

Lower tolls? Malaysian millennials long for more enlightened transport policies

They are hoping for a less stressful and tiring way of commuting and moving around the city, writes Eric Thoo. Fatima’s Honda Ex5 buzzes...

Joining an NGO in Malaysia 101

All Posts Eric Thoo provides a step-by-step guide on how to choose and get involved in an interest group that works...

Wrong advice, Mahathir; tell your ministers to be more socialist

Barathi Selvam says Mahathir’s recent advice to some leaders in his administration to change their socialist way of thinking was misplaced.

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