The People’s Agenda: Why the need?

Political parties and candidates should work together on these five points at the general election and avoid multi-cornered fights

‘State of the Nation’ ahead of general election – KS Jomo

The prominent economist outlines the key political, economic and social trends facing Malaysia.

Aliran webinar: State, society and economy in transition – Whither Malaysia?

Panel members:Dr Azmil Tayeb, Aliran honorary secretaryDr Prema Devaraj, Aliran honorary assistant secretaryDr Terence Gomez, Aliran memberDr Khoo Ying Hooi, Aliran executive committee memberModerator:...

Celebrating neurodiversity – but do we even know what it is?

Disabled and neurodivergent individuals are just like us: they only want to be treated the same way as their fellow human beings.

Apa nasib anak muda Malaysia? (What’s the future like for Malaysia’s youth?)

It is in the nature of being a Youth to challenge the dominant power and the mainstream narrative. But the protest by Youth is not automatically progressive.

Aliran webinar: Is there media freedom and independence in the digital era?

In the past, the mainstream media were analysed along linguistic and regional lines eg Sabah and Sarawak media. It was fairly easy to identify...

Myanmar coup and the Civil Disobedience Movement

Who and what is the Civil Disobedience Movement in Myanmar? Who leads it? How have they been able to sustain themselves for so long?...

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