The People v Najib Razak Ep 62: Can’t stand the heat

Day five of being in the witness stand seemed to have got to Najib Razak, who lost his cool after the...

Joseph Stiglitz: Goldman Sachs should repay profits made from 1MDB (video)

"Goldman Sachs' role in this is unconsionable. Any sense of due diligence, even scratching the surface, would have shown what was going on. But...

CNN interviews Anwar Ibrahim

Christiane Amanpour of CNN interviews Anwar Ibrahim soon after his release.

Will Pakatan be a one-term wonder!

From now onwards, Malaysians will not hesitate to punish any political party that does not serve the national interest, says P Ramakrishnan.

A review of that Al Jazeera interview with Najib (podcast)

A BFM episode where Uma - and special guests Iain McNally and Bahir Yeusuff - review former Prime Minister Najib Razak’s performance during his...

FBI seizure of Equanimity superyacht creates media splash in US

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC looks at a bizarre corruption scandal connected to a Donald Trump fundraiser and other new characters and developments Americans are...

‘Saya sebenarnya tidak kuat’: Pengalaman saya di lokap

Nashita Md Noor mengimbas kembali pengalaman beliau di lokap setelah ditahan susulan duduk bantah GST. Terima kasih pada semua yang mengusahakan proses pembebasan kami....

Dr Mahathir dissects kleptocracy

Khoo Boo Teik was intrigued to find Mahathir displaying his medical method in full at a Pakatan Harapan ceramah. Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s The Malay...

Dangers of Umno-Pas version of ‘Malay unity’

The bankruptcy of ideas displayed by this pact cannot steer the country to progress, ethnic harmony and genuine social reform, says...

US DoJ seeks to forfeit RM6.7bn in assets, return ‘as much as possible’ to...

The US Department of Justice has issued a statement at a hearing to combat laundering before the US Senate's banking, housing and urban affairs...

More than one reason for Malaysia’s slowing economy

The nation needs to realise the full potential of the people so that they can contribute to the wellbeing of the ...

Once Mahathir, always Mahathir?

Were there no Mahathir now, would we not have to invent someone like him for his present role, wonders Khoo Boo Teik. When Anwar...

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