Elections first or last resort?

Impending Sarawak and Malacca elections raise questions about the need to prioritise democratic practices even during a pandemic.Astro Awani's Melisa Idris and Sharaad Kuttan...

Heidy Quah on fighting for and empowering refugees

On this episode, refugee rights activist Heidy Quah joins BFM to share her story on founding Refuge for the Refugees at the age of...

Press in distress: Will independent journalism survive in Southeast Asia?

Panelist members:Arif Zulkifli, CEO of Tempo Media Maria Ressa, a Nobel Peace Prize winner; co-founder and CEO, Rappler Steven Gan, co-founder and editor-in-chief,...

Is it Shahidan’s job to plug potholes?

Newly minted Federal Territories Minister Shahidan Kassim suddenly found himself inundated by calls from the public after he volunteered to reveal his phone number...

Reforming the office of attorney general and the judicial and legal service

This report, commissioned by Bersih 2.0 and written by Andrew Yong, highlights the issues surrounding the constitutional arrangements of the role and the appointment...

A thousand cuts to press freedom

The award-winning documentary A Thousand Cuts by Ramona S Diaz is a film about Maria Ressa, founder of the online news site Rappler and...

Laksanakan pilihan raya pecat, pertahan hak rakyat

Selepas pilihan raya umum 2018, negara menyaksikan jumlah ahli Parlimen lompat parti paling tinggi dalam sejarah. Sampai bila nak aniaya rakyat? Sampai bila nak biarkan...

Malacca – elections or emergency?

The Malacca State Assembly was dissolved, and according to the law, a snap election must be called within 60 days.However, several political leaders have...

When Malaysia’s minorities don’t feel at home

Any treatment that does not befit full-blown citizenship would not make the ethnic minorities and other affected Malaysians feel at home.

Diving into the Pandora Papers

BFM speaks to journalist Aidila Razak from Malaysiakini and human rights advocate Cynthia Gabriel from the Centre to Combat Corruption and Cronyism to dissect...

Twelfth Malaysia Plan rhetoric vs Reality of Malaysia’s equity distribution

National policymaking cannot be distorted through continued selective patronage and ethnic targeting in business, Terence Gomez writes

When it pays to be an MP

It is time to review the incomes of elected representatives.

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