What it takes to be Malaysian

The love for Malaysia will remain strong for as long as its legitimate inhabitants are made to feel that they have vital...

Is Hadi undermining national sovereignty?

The Association for Community and Dialogue is concerned over press reports of Pas president Abdul Hadi Awang's statement that one million members of the...

River of Life – a vanity project that fails to measure up

C4 Center expresses concern over the state of the River of Life (ROL) project which was allocated a whopping RM4.4bn for the redevelopment of...

Future of work demands holistic education

We have to liberate our young people from thinking in silos, and encourage broader critical thinking, writes Ronald Benjamin.

My Merdeka – my hopes and aspirations

Let us all pledge to protect our precious Constitution and resolve to aspire for a better Malaysia, writes Ramon Navaratnam. 

The People v Najib Razak Ep 56: Ring, ring, is it over yet?

After 56 days of trial, the prosecution round of Najib Razak’s SRC International trial comes to an end. Patrick Teoh presents for...

The People v Najib Razak Ep 55: Thanks for the jewels

Remember the RM3.3m charged to Najib Razak’s credit cards at a Swiss jeweller? Turns out, it was for the wife of a...

When Zakir outstays welcome

With the interests of all Malaysians in mind, our political leadership must have the willpower to show Zakir the door, writes Mustafa...

Dong Zong and racism: How much does Mahathir understand?

Disagreeing with national education policies cannot make a group racist, writes Mary Chin. About...

A visit to Ipoh reveals a bald truth

Anil Netto visits Ipoh, a city with hidden surprises, and recalls what a local legend once wrote.

The People v Najib Razak Ep 54: It’s all his fault

It was Najib Razak, said the prosecution’s final witness. Patrick Teoh presents for the Malaysian Insight.

How to slash Penang’s transport infrastructure cost to RM10bn

Instead of building a single elevated light rail line, a Pan Island Link 1 highway and a tunnel, an integrated public transport...

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