Defamed and denigrated judiciary must be cleansed

The latest scandalous exposure has given Pakatan Harapan a golden opportunity to set up a royal commission of inquiry to weed out...

It’s not just a matter of degree, Bersatu

The Marzuki incident has grabbed headlines worldwide, especially given that as deputy foreign minister, he represents the country in the global arena,...

Is reuniting a mother with her child too much to ask for?

Each passing day without her daughter, is one of injustice for Indira Gandhi, observes Mustafa K Anuar.

Uptight about ‘religious sensitivities’, but apathetic about abuse of workers

Workers’ rights have been abused for decades, and yet it is still “semuanya okay”, laments JD Loverenciear.

Newly formed Economic Action Council must act fast

The farmers, the fishermen, the rising urban poor and those in isolated kampungs, estates and new villages should get priority attention,...

Siti Kasim deserves our support

We sorely need people like Siti who can speak up for all Malaysians without fear or favour, says P Ramakrishnan.

1MDB: The World’s Biggest Heist (video)

It has been branded the world's biggest heist - between 2009 and 2014 at least US$4.5bn was allegedly stolen from Malaysia's...

A Najib for all seasons

The former prime minister, who is trying to re-invent himself, is the same person whose home was found stashed with loads of...

Are our ministers so adept at micromanaging?

Ministers should make a difference by managing policies, instead of micromanaging issues, says WH Cheng.

Pilihan raya kerajaan tempatan wajar dipulihkan dengan segera

Kenapa pula kita masih melihat beberapa aspek dari segi sesuatu kaum, tanya WH Cheng. Ramai...

No need to play politics with HRDF

The HRDF must be improved and it is given an effective role, instead of others playing politics with its flaws and seeking its demise,...

Oversupply of homes: Who is to be blamed?

Come forward with a community-oriented policy and work with the government to resolve this issue, says WH Cheng.