Some questions for the wise men of Pas

Farish A Noor poses a series of questions for Pas leaders to chew on during their talks with Umno. The first question: what, in...

When the cyclone hit Myanmar

Workers and refugees from Myanmar who are now in Malaysia have been agonising over the fate of their loved ones in the aftermath of...

Justice must not lose out to technicalities

The Shah Alam High Court's decision disallowing Karpal Singh’s application...

Pas: Caught between Old and New

Umno's courting of Pas (and vice-versa) reminds us that racial considerations come before all else in Malaysia still, and that despite the attempts to...

That boring yet necessary thing called Governance

Since the elections of March 2008, hardly a day has gone by in Malaysia without some ruckus or scandal erupting in the corridors of...

Another trial for Malaysia

Perhaps the only thing that can save Anwar, Badawi and Malaysia in the long run is an investigation and trial that is absolutely objective,...

Badget tambahan RM20 bilion

While a political storm was swirling outside following the arrest of Anwar Ibrahim this afternoon, Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj was inside Parliament putting forward his...

Query on income inequality catches minister unprepared

Why does the government highlight inter-racial differences in income while downplaying the contribution of intra-racial inequality which in fact is the much more...

A dead end for Malaysian politics?

At a time when all of Asia is on the brink of a global recession sparked by the rising costs of oil and gas...

Midterm review of 9MP should factor in slowdown

Kemungkinan kegawatan ekonomi amat tinggi pada takat ini. Tetapi saya tidak lihat sebarang rancangan kontingensi untuk menangani masalah-masalah rakyat sekiranya kemelesatan ekonomi berlaku. Dr...

Déjà vu for Malaysia ’s Anwar?

The elections of March 2008 offered the faint promise that after decades of sectarian race-based politics, Malaysia’s political culture may have finally...

Stop deceiving and exploiting employers and domestic workers

There is now a proposal to raise the Malaysian agents' fees for domestic workers to RM8,000. These agents only provide data to the end-users...

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