Workers at Tesco paid just 8p an hour

Workers in Tesco's foreign stores are earning as little as eight pence an hour, they claim. An investigation by The Daily Telegraph has...

A truly defining and defying moment!

The Umno-BN hegemony has come to a sudden halt. The 50-year-old political juggernaut has been severely jolted, its formidable force fragmented, observes Martin Jalleh. The ruling...

Change is long overdue

Now that it is increasingly clear that Malaysia may have a change of government sooner than many Malaysians themselves had expected, it is imperative that Malaysians accept...

Malaysia’s progress

Following the stunning resurgence of the opposition alignment at the recent Malaysian general election and with a global recession looming, John Hilley says there is...

Farewell to the homogenous Malay

Takkan Melayu Hilang di Dunia (Never Shall the Malays Cease to Be): Hang Tuah’s legendary call to arms rings a note of defiance laced with anxiety...

Penang and the NEP

Al Jazeera analyses the implications of the Penang State Government's pronouncements on the NEP.

Response to Election Monitors’ Diary entry on MalaysiaVotes

Helen Ang responds to an entry in the Election Media Monitors' Diary on 4 March 2008 about the website.   Firstly, to address the inherent anomaly...

Abdullah’s Bible

For a country that is not exactly known for its reading habit, we seem to be grabbing a lot of books lately, observes Farish Noor. Or...

Change for Malaysia?

Al Jazeera analyses the implications of the outcome of the Malaysian general election.

PM unveils new cabinet

Prime minister Abdullah Badawi has unveiled a much leaner cabinet after dropping veteran politicians and appointing new faces following unprecedented losses in the March 8 general elections,...

Malaysia PM: Lessons to be learnt

Malaysia's prime minister has said his government has important lessons to learn after it suffered heavy losses in general elections, slashing its parliamentary majority and reshaping the...

Malaysia’s election tsunami

  Al Jazeera discusses the implications of the shock general election outcome with key opposition leaders.

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