Gadoh the movie

Gadoh, a film produced by Komas, tells a story of a group of teenagers who fought each other along racial lines - a cycle...

Malaysia should halt expansion of Rela

The Malaysian government should scrap plans to expand a state-sponsored security force of civilian volunteers with a long record of human rights abuses against...

What kind of reporting is this, Star?

S Arulchelvan expresses dismay over how his words have been taken out of context by an English-language daily. It appears that this daily is...

‘We are sorry’

'Say Sorry Day' falls on 5 September. Fabian Dicom implores Malaysians to be messengers of peace and harmony and support all efforts at reconciliation...

Beng Hock inquest video transcript

The lawyer for the MACC questions Thai pathologist Dr Pornthip during the inquest into the sudden death of DAP aide Teoh Beng Hock.

Routine punishment, caning for Burmese refugees

Karen Zusman of the Pulitzer Centre for Crisis Reporting reports on the agonising ordeal in Malaysia of a married couple from Burma: the female...

Excessive police action during 1 Aug anti-ISA vigil

This video reveals heavy-handed police action during a peaceful anti-ISA vigil in PJ on 1 August 2010.  

Dirty money

How the central pillar of Australia's financial system, the Reserve Bank, became ensnared in an international bribery scandal. The Age and the Australian Broadcasting...

Rethink going nuclear

If a temperate country like Germany can be the first country to launch a successful feed-in tariff system based on renewable solar energy,...

Endemic scourge

From the testimonies gathered from the victims, family members and their fellow tribe members, it does seem that sexual violence against the...

What P Patto had to say about ‘kataks’

Choo Sing Chye recalls the words of the legendary P Patto on political defections which sound especially prescient today in this age of kataks. ...

How Goldman gambled on starvation

Speculators set up a casino where the chips were the stomachs of millions. What does it say about our system that we can...

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