Dangers and lessons of present multiple crises

The world has to act in a concerted action to tackle these crises. We are all in the same boat; a leak in one...

Stimulus package: Is government failing to deploy government-linked companies?

"There is little indication that the prime minister is using this government ecosystem effectively to deal with this pandemic," wrote Terence Gomez....

Rampasan kuasa oleh Perikatan Nasional, itulah hakikatnya

Apa gunanya terus menyorok di bawah timbunan pasir sedangkan kebenaran telah diketahui umum, ujar WH Cheng.

Coronavirus: Should democracy be quarantined?

Democratic practice is the very principle and methodology to follow in addressing the monumental crisis that we are facing, Johan Saravanamuttu writes. In these extraordinary...

Freedom of movement: Covid-19 and the movement control order

BFM takes a look at what the Constitution says about the movement control order, and what happens if you choose to ignore...

When our ministers go abuzz with Covid-19

Mustafa K Anuar discusses the antics that some cabinet ministers have indulged in as they hog the media limelight during this pandemic. Social media...

Challenges of feeding the needy under movement control order

No obstacle should be placed in the endeavour to save the lives of the needy, stressed Mustafa K Anuar. Kembara Kitchen founder William Cheah recently...

Coronavirus: Gaining political mileage from crisis

While some politicians both local and abroad have been criticised for their handling of the coronavirus crisis, others have risen to the...

Coronavirus: The vulnerable in infected Malaysian economy

Narrow-minded politics in relation to the disbursement of aid allocations to the people isn’t really what we need at this time, Mustafa K Anuar...

Koronavirus kebangkitan semula fakulti rohani

Mari kita memulihkan fahaman rohani cinta kita, kepercayaan kepada kasih sayang dan amalan yang membina sesama rakyat Malaysia, ujar Ronald Benjamin.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary actions

Under the movement control order, the government has imposed roadblocks and closures, deployed drones and arrested people for not complying. BFM speaks...

Coronavirus: A war-time approach?

In reorganising life and the economy after the coronavirus crisis, what will be need to do? Astro Awani's Melisa Idris and Sharaad...

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