Malaysia’s mysteries hang like a millstone over the nation

If the mysterious murders and enforced dissappearences of citizens are not solved, Malaysia will remain a nation without conviction, says JD Lovrenciear. While we may...

The People v Najib Razak Ep 37: Have card, will travel

What would you buy with RM4m? Well, it seemed that Najib Razak spent it at a Swiss jeweller, Chanel and on luxurious...

Parliamentary select committees vs shadow cabinet

Parliamentary reforms and select committees will be useless unless there are laws to empower them to provide effective checks and balance on...

The People v Najib Razak Ep 36: Of friends and a Blackberry

The phones and hard drive that were recovered from the AmBank raid in 2015 were brought up again today on Day 35...

The People v Najib Razak Ep 35: Less is more

SRC asked Retirement Fund Inc (KWAP) for a RM4bn loan. But KWAP said they would only give RM1bn. Patrick Teoh presents for...

The People v Najib Razak Ep 34: I’ve got the power

Najib Razak approved the transfer of ownership of SRC International from 1MDB to Ministry of Finance Inc - by signing the document...

The People v Najib Razak Ep 33: Everyday I love you

It has been a year since his arrest but Najib Razak appeared impressed by his fans who greeted him at the court...

Jawatankuasa pilihan parlimen memainkan peranan yang penting

Peranan jawatankuasa pilihan adalah penting dalam amalan semak dan imbang dan bertindak sebagai penjana perubahan dan pembaharuan, ujar WH Cheng.

Can we raise funds through crowdfunding for the poor and disabled?

Let us all, as compassionate Malaysians, donate liberally to a Malaysian charity endowment/fund, says Ramon Navaratnam.

Selamatkan khazanah laut Pulau Pinang

Keindahan alam, mata pencarian dan sumber makanan... kesemua ini akan hilang dan digadaikan dengan pemberian bangunan konkrit yang anda hanya mampu tengok...

Najib belittles himself by combating Patriot

By slighting Patriot through his Facebook, Najib has further undermined his reputation, writes JD Lovrenciear.

The toxicity of society’s Pasir Gudangs

Given that this is the second incident so soon after the first, we need to know why this is recurring in such...

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