Parliament suspension unconstitutional?

PKR MP Hassan Abdul Karim has challenged the suspension of Parliament, saying that there is no constitutional basis for it, and that the emergency...

Emergency Ordinance: How will it affect you?

With the Emergency Ordinance 2021 gazetted and now in force, BFM speaks to Zaid Malek, coordinator of Lawyers For Liberty, to take a look...

A tired doctor from Sungai Buloh asks to be treated humanely

Faced with supposedly inadequate medical facilities, personnel and government funding, frontline health staff are feeling burned out.

Mahathir – still the strongman of politics?

Former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad tries to set the record straight on why he resigned as PM during the Sheraton Move.

If the glove fits

Consistent monitoring is crucial to ensure rigid compliance with high standards of worker health and safety

Emergency – Limitless executive power?

What are the powers of the executive during this emergency? Astro Awani's Melisa Idris and Sharaad Kuttan speak to lawyers Phillip Koh and Lim...

Why are statutory declarations used instead of no-confidence votes?

Where is the relevance of Parliament and the state legislative assemblies in the numbers game?
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Dire housing conditions for migrant workers

It is long overdue for these migrant workers to be treated as fully-fledged human beings, who are here to make a decent living.

Necessity vs consequences?

Astro Awani's Sharaad Kuttan and Melisa Idris ask economist Jomo Kwame Sundaram and Tricia Yeoh CEO of Ideas about the consequences of an emergency...

‘American abyss’: Fascism historian Tim Snyder on Trump’s coup attempt, impeachment and what’s next

Democracy Now! speaks with Timothy Snyder, a historian of fascism, who says the riot at the US Capitol was “completely and utterly predictable”, given...

Higher education: Institutional autonomy and accountability

This session was part of a recent webinar on Issues in Higher Education, organised by the Malaysian Academic Movement (Gerak) and Espact. The speakers...

Pakatan needs broad-based leadership alternative

What the people need is leadership that emerges from the grassroots level and not elite and urban-driven leaders.

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