Funding, not quotas, to increase women’s political participation

The underrepresentation of women in Parliament and state legislative assemblies is a longstanding issue, with quotas typically proposed to raise participation. However, some parties are...

Remove stubborn stains on our education system

Those who conduct humiliating searches must cease to have a misplaced sense of power and control over the bodies of the schoolgirls.

Kabinet bayangan: Perlukah di Malaysia?

Apakah itu kabinet bayangan? Biasanya umum mengetahui kabinet bayangan ini hanya menjadi strategi politik kepada sesebuah parti atau pakatan politik pembangkang supaya mereka dilihat sebagai...

When even helping becomes a racial issue

Cross-ethnic assistance should be encouraged as it serves a useful function of building bridges in a diverse society.

Recovering from the pandemic: Rebuilding and setting a new direction for society

Malaysia is at a critical juncture in its development. The Covid pandemic has brought into relief many failings, not all of which are related to...

‘Period spot checks’ need to stop

Girls in multiple schools have come forward to share their stories of being "shamed, groped and violated" in period spot checks, with many saying...

Pulau Kendi, Penang’s marine paradise, faces looming threat

Recently, I had an opportunity of a lifetime to visit Pulau Kendi, a secluded islet, far south of Penang island. Kendi is a Malay word...

DAP should do away with elitism

It is time that DAP leaders built a broader vision of a just and egalitarian society.

Malaysia’s press freedom ranking has dropped – Why does it matter?

It looks like when it comes to press freedom in Malaysia, we’re not in a great place, when compared to many other countries. This...

Malaysian ‘new villages’ – Complex pasts, diverse futures

In conjunction with the recent the Malaysian committee of the International Day of Monuments and Sites, the International Council on Monuments and Sites (Icomos)...

Undi18 delay: Suppressing the voting rights of Malaysian youth

Wisdom Foundation recently hosted a policy talk session that discussed the delay in lowering the voting age threshold to 18 and the suppression of...

Malaysia falls 18 places in world press freedom ranking

An annual report by Reporters Without Borders stated that almost three-quarters of the 180 countries surveyed were at least partially blocked. Malaysia was ranked...