Does the Malaysian religious establishment condone bigotry?

Why is there such apathy among Malaysian religious leaders and followers on issues such as racism and bigotry?

Alcohol and gaming more complex than Pas makes out

It is time Malaysians built consensus on issues related to gaming and alcohol instead of one political party imposing its beliefs on others.

Tommy Thomas reveals all! Where is Malaysia heading?

Former ambassador Dennis Ignatius, author of the best-selling book Paradise Lost: Mahathir and the End of Hope, sits down with former attorney general Tommy...

The Najib Razak 1MDB Trial Ep 69: Rapid government backing for 1MDB debt

A letter from the government agreeing to act as ultimate guarantor for a 1MDB project debt was issued so quickly. Signed by former finance minister...

Memahami keputusan Melaka

Ahli panel:Mohd Razlan Muhammad Rafii, ahli majlis kerja tertinggi, Umno Anthony Loke Siew Fook, setiausaha organisasi kebangsaan, DAP Fahmi Fadzil, Ahli Parlimen Lembah...

Is Malacca a precursor to the coming general election?

The Barisan Nasional coalition had a resounding win in the Malacca state election, winning 21 out of 28 seats.What was the reason for this?...

Beyond the historical city: Rethinking our biocultural heritage for a pandemic age

Khoo Salma Nasution, vice president of Penang Heritage Trust, discusses the potential of community farming, agro and eco-tourism, outdoor dining and five-foot ways.Watch the...

Survey finds disturbing beliefs on violence against women

A new survey from the Women's Aid Organisation on violence against women revealed troubling results - 80% believe that rape happens when a man...

The Najib Razak 1MDB Trial Ep 68: Sultan says no

“Why did you sign it? Why did we not appeal to His Majesty to give us time to think?”This was the reaction of convicted...

Why curiosity is part of journalism

Journalists raising pointed or inconvenient questions are not to be regarded as being rude; they are there not to mollycoddle people in power.

Timah decision a toast to common sense

All that was required was for the political leadership to muster the courage to explain to the people that Timah had no religious connotations.

Kedah bans 4D shops

BFM dives into the Kedah state government's ban on 4D lottery outlets in the state.On the line are Dr Shamsul Amri Baharuddin, director of...

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