Umno: All the president’s men

Has the purge of challengers and dissidents by Umno president Zahid Hamidi ended the party's years-long internal conflict?Astro Awani's Melisa Idris asks political analysts...

Dissecting Najib’s ‘Malu apa, bossku’ campaign

"Malu apa, bossku?" (What's there to be ashamed of, Boss?) In 2019 Najib Razak rebuilt his tattered political reputation with this deceptively simple three-word catchphrase....

Want bribe-free Malaysian elections? Regulate political financing

What constitutes vote-buying under the Election Offences Act? Why are veteran politicians seemingly confused about what electoral corruption looks like?BFM discusses urgently needed reforms...

SPM workshop needs fix

Education should not be an instrument of social divisiveness as innocent children could possibly grow up imbibing the wrong social values.

Mahi Ramakrishnan: Journalist, filmmaker, activist

Mahi Ramakrishnan is the founder of Beyond Borders, an NGO that aims to promote and protect the rights of refugees and stateless persons. She...

Why is Gerakan so optimistic about Penang state election?

Unless the party's confidence stands on solid ground, its determination to make a comeback may turn out to be a bad dream.

Countering hate-based narratives

How concerning is the continued spread and growing influence of hate-based content and ultranationalist narratives in the Malaysian digital public sphere after the 2018...

The meaning of the word ‘charity’ to Pas

It is refreshing to know that the charismatic leadership of Pas president Hadi Awang was so overwhelmingly inspiring that it prompted some members of"the...

‘Pulau’ horror for conservatives

The fear is that such interference could take the film industry down a slippery slope.

Seek consensus on social ills related to alcohol

The Penang mufti should start a dialogue with non-Muslims in Penang and he would definitely obtain a different version of reality.

Ain Husniza – not just an activist

Full-time Pompompurin fan and part-time kickass social activist Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam joins BFM to discuss her life. She talks about what she would...

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