Helen Mary Johnson: Komrad yang bersemangat kental dan komited

Usahanya telah menghasilkan keadaan yang lebih baik untuk pekerja-pekerja di seluruh Malaysia.

Helen Mary Johnson: Tough and committed comrade

Her efforts have resulted in immensely better conditions for workers all over Malaysia.

Jimmy Boyle – forgotten Malaysian composer extraordinaire

One of the most talented composers Malaysia has produced.

Pemergian Tan Kai Hee

Bekas timbalan setiausaha agun Parti Buruh serta penggerak Fron Sosialis (3 Mei 1937 - 2 Februari 2022)

A privilege to have travelled with you, Khay Jin

A tribute to Aliran's long-time friend and supporter, the scholar-activist Philip Khoo Khay Jin, who passed away in December 2011. (Republished in 2021, 10 years after his passing.)

‘Tuan Pembangkang’ Tan Chee Khoon telah membara api idea pelbagai bangsanya

Ulangtahun pemergiannya yang ke-25 jatuh pada 14 Oktober 2021

Tan Chee Khoon – champion of the people

Reproduced from Aliran Monthly 1996, Vol 16 No 8 to mark the 25th anniversary of Dr Tan's passingAliran mourns the death of Tan Sri...

Outstanding Malaysian Award 1984 citation: Dr Tan Chee Khoon

We reproduce this citation on the 25th anniversary of Dr Tan's passing so that more Malaysians may be inspired by his life.

‘Mr Opposition’ Tan Chee Khoon kept the flame of multiracialism burning

The 25th anniversary of his passing falls on 14 October 2021.

It’s so hard to say goodbye to a dear friend

P Ramakrishnan bids farewell to Gan Kong Hwee.

Remembering Gan Kong Hwee – dedicated teacher, loving father, Aliran’s silent stalwart

Kong Hwee's message lives on: Be courageous and dare to venture forth, put in the effort unhesitatingly, and keep learning new skills.

V David – unsung hero in trade unionism and politics

A legend of the trade union movement in Malaysia, he was also an opposition stalwart who spoke without fear or favour on issues dear to him.

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