Arshad soldiers on with passion

Benedict Lopez catches up with the face of Patriot, retired Brigadier General Mohd Arshad Raji, to find out what drove these ex-service...

The passing of a legend, SM Mohamed Idris

Aliran notes the passing of SM Mohamed Idris at the age of 93 with sadness.

SM Mohamed Idris: 1926-2019

A tribute by Nizam Mahshar. Pergilah Bapa; Rehatlah, Telah bertahun lelah kau itu, Aku tahu kau takkan...

Cecil Rajendra, recipient of Malaysian Bar’s Lifetime Achievement Award 2019

A video tribute to Cecil Rajendra, who was presented the award at the Malaysian Bar’s annual dinner and dance in Kuala Lumpur...

MN D’Cruz — A passion for social justice

Anil Netto pays tribute to an educationist who had a great passion for social justice.

Remembering Goh Cheng Teik: Illustrious son of St Xavier’s, honest hardworking politician

Francis Loh pays tribute to an advocate for moderation whose ideals of multiracialism are just as relevant in Malaysia today.

Poet-lawyer Cecil Rajendra honoured with Bar’s Lifetime Achievement Award 2019

The Bar Council is proud to honour Cecil Rajendra, a member of the Bar practising in Penang, with the Malaysian Bar’s Lifetime...

Ambiga Sreenevasan’s enduring pursuit of social justice transcends national politics

It takes people with character like Ambiga to lead these movements to bring about effective socio-political transformation, writes Benedict Lopez. Concerned citizens in any...

Rafizi Ramli invoked hope that a new Malaysia was possible

Committed politicians like Rafizi Ramli are a rarity, striving tirelessly to overcome the almost insurmountable odds to bring about change in the the political...

Zunar: Consummate political cartoonist surmounting the odds

Nothing has been able to break the indomitable spirit of this caricaturist, writes Benedict Lopez. Even till today, many Malaysians are unaware of Zunar’s...

CV Prabhakaran: Towering Reformasi lawyer who defended the underdog

Dato' CV Prabhakharan, the former chairman of the Penang Bar Committee (1996-1999) passed away on 15 June 2018. He was 81. Anil Netto writes...

How passion against injustice led a Catholic brother to Kamunting

27th October 2017 marked the 30th anniversary of Operation Lalang, where over a hundred people were detained without trial and the publishing licences of...

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