Tan Chee Khoon – champion of the people

Reproduced from Aliran Monthly 1996, Vol 16 No 8 to mark the 25th anniversary of Dr Tan's passingAliran mourns the death of Tan Sri...

Outstanding Malaysian Award 1984 citation: Dr Tan Chee Khoon

We reproduce this citation on the 25th anniversary of Dr Tan's passing so that more Malaysians may be inspired by his life.

‘Mr Opposition’ Tan Chee Khoon kept the flame of multiracialism burning

The 25th anniversary of his passing falls on 14 October 2021.

It’s so hard to say goodbye to a dear friend

P Ramakrishnan bids farewell to Gan Kong Hwee.

Remembering Gan Kong Hwee – dedicated teacher, loving father, Aliran’s silent stalwart

Kong Hwee's message lives on: Be courageous and dare to venture forth, put in the effort unhesitatingly, and keep learning new skills.

V David – unsung hero in trade unionism and politics

A legend of the trade union movement in Malaysia, he was also an opposition stalwart who spoke without fear or favour on issues dear to him.

Salleh Ben Joned showed us how to test the parameters

Salleh Ben Joned would have turned 80 on 5 July 2021. This piece was written by his sister Alima Joned, who was profoundly inspired by her brother’s fearless and unrelenting (but level-headed) pushing of the envelope within a face-saving, speak-no-evil cultural context

Arrested and assaulted, graphic artist Fahmi Reza calls out state censorship

When it comes to politics in Malaysia, no politician is safe from graphic artist Fahmi Reza who has been using his provocative art to...

Honouring Paul Sinnappan (1950-2021) – a gentle spirit living with integrity

With all his virtues, it is not surprising that Sinnappan became a role model for many.

Paul Sinnappan: Community organiser, reservoir of knowledge

He touched and inspired many and played a role in the formation of many activists.

The Mandela Of Malayan journalism

Said Zahari’s name must surely be immortalised as symbolising the struggle for press freedom.

Said Zahari, teladan patriot tulen

Sudah lima tahun pemergian tokoh wartawan ulung, nasionalis tulen dan pejuang kebebasan akhbar, Allahyarham Said Zahari yang meninggal dunia pada 12 April 2016.Pemergian beliau...

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