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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

The dacing – a banned weighing instrument!

As the nuts of the dacing are tightened, the arms will remain level even with grossly unequal weights on either side. Thus an illusion...

Me a bumiputra? No thank you

Tota explains why Tunku Abdul Aziz's suggestion that non-Malays be accorded bumiputera status would not suit him. Tunku Abdul Aziz, the ex-DAP vice-chairman and...

Shame on you, The Star

The Star can still be relied on for sports news and stock market reports - but its national news section really sucks, writes Francis...

Malay hesitation to regime change

If we truly want to bring about this change, we have to be sensitive to the anxieties of the Malay community who still make...

GE13 outcome: All is not lost; we soldier on

The choices you make today will determine a future. The future might not be tomorrow, or the next ten years. But don't give up...

Can non-Muslims sing the Selangor state anthem?

As the word Allah is part of the lyrics in several state anthems, the Prime Minister is obliged to clarify his position on this...

‘First-past-the-post’ system: A Malaysia-UK comparison

An investigation of the Malaysian electoral system by Mark Tan finds that the EC deputy chairman's likening of it to the UK system is...

Centralised decentralisation: Oxymoron that is Malaysia’s education system

Using a centrally decided system not only burdens the teachers with the bureaucracy but also limits their freedom to design the assessment model, say...

Deadwood in the cabinet

Mahathir was right when he called upon Najib to get rid of the deadwood in the cabinet. A helpful Tota has come up with...

BUSTED: Pulau Betong post-election payouts

Aliran received photographs of another round of post-election payouts, this time in the Pulau Betong area, which also comes under the Balik Pulau parliamentary...

Defining racism

An egalitarian society might never be truly achieved, but we will never be there if we don’t start believing in equality, says Nicholas Chan....

Dacing dulang yang mendatar, leper, mudah dimanipulasi

The flat-bottomed scales of the dacing are susceptible to manipulation and rigging. Ismail Hashim sums up the current state of the scales.

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