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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

Elections in Sibu

Patronage politics and campaign propaganda lose their hold on urban voters in Sibu, reports Ngu Ik Tien. The Sibu District is located in the lower...

A weekly day off for foreign domestic workers

More than exercising the right to a weekly day off is the right to enjoy the space outside the employers’ homes and to act...

Telekom, your services are hopeless!

What happens when telephone and internet services are disrupted for 10 days in your neighbourhood? P Ramakrishnan recounts his frustration in trying to get...

Shape up or ship out, ‘7-11 MCA’ told

Amidst the calls for the MCA to regroup and reform, Stephen Tan Ban Cheng argues that the MCA should just close shop. The 1948-founded...

Centralised decentralisation: Oxymoron that is Malaysia’s education system

Using a centrally decided system not only burdens the teachers with the bureaucracy but also limits their freedom to design the assessment model, say...

Apakah itu ‘pertukaran rejim’?

Yang penting ialah pertukaran rejim yang menghormati satu politik budaya (cultural politics) yang dapat berdebat, berdialog dengan masyarakat sivil, dan memahami dan menghormati isu-isu...

Shame on you, The Star

The Star can still be relied on for sports news and stock market reports - but its national news section really sucks, writes Francis...

Obituary: Ismail Hashim (1940–2013), master photographer

Ismail's death will doubtless leave a vacuum in the world of Malaysian art and photography that will linger on for decades to come, writes...

Umno-BN – Buying low-income votes, appealing to middle-income greed

After free dinners, now it is a lucky draw for free petrol vouchers - with a free traffic jam thrown in, writes Rakyat Jelata....

Dacing dulang yang mendatar, leper, mudah dimanipulasi

The flat-bottomed scales of the dacing are susceptible to manipulation and rigging. Ismail Hashim sums up the current state of the scales.

Can non-Muslims sing the Selangor state anthem?

As the word Allah is part of the lyrics in several state anthems, the Prime Minister is obliged to clarify his position on this...

Seriously, we need jokes more than ever now that we’ve lost GE13 to corruption!

When the going gets tough, the tough get laughing, says Douglas Teoh. From 6.00pm to 2.00am on 5 May 2013, I was caught in the...

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