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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

An open letter to Lim Kit Siang

If enough like-minded people agree to associate, you can create a nation where we all have a stake to safeguard, says Dave Anthony. Dear...

Br Herbertus Gampok: He taught ‘the last, the lost and the least’ in Sabah

Francis Loh pays tribute to an unsung hero who taught and worked tirelessly among poor children in the interior of Sabah. Brother Herbertus Gampok...

Malaysian voices from the teh tarik stall and kopitiam

Tota eavesdrops on the conversations in the coffee-shops in town and shares with us some juicy tales. With many independent institutions destroyed and becoming...

Suffering from ‘chicken chop’!

A slip of the hand is no fault of the mind, but when a trained medical professional makes such a slip, the quality of...

Despite slump in oil prices, we could have managed without GST

Anil Netto counters Najib's assertion that the government had foresight in implementing the GST now that revenue from Petronas has plunged. I don't know...

Makna kebebasan bersuara

Pihak pemerintah terus mengelirukan keadaan dengan pelbagai interpretasi dan penguatkuasa undang-undangnya mengikut keadaan dan definasi yang berlainan, ujar W H Cheng. Apakah yang dikatakan...

Majlis Keselamatan Negara bagaikan suatu ‘junta tentera’

Perlukah negara kita bergerak ke arah ini oleh kerana demi mempertahankan telatah, perilaku dan kesalahan seorang pemimpin negara yang tamakkan kuasa dan menyeleweng dana...

Learning from Tok Guru

Nik Aziz was a highly principled political leader cum preacher; even a counter-model of what a political leader ought to be, observes Francis Loh...

To mission schools with love

Mission schools have left a lasting lecacy and they have changed many lives, says Adrian Lee. The school anthem is one legacy bequeathed to a...

Independent judiciary essential for fair trial

Abdul Rashid Hanafi outlines what constitutes a fair trial. There is no better test of excellence of any government than the independence and the...

Wan Azizah, Malaysia’s Lady

Wan Azizah has no need to prove herself a leader because she is already one, moulded and trained through trial and tribulation, writes Angeline...
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Wishing for ‘a normal democracy’

What we want are free and fair elections, debates over important issues, independent media – and a change of government from time to time,...

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