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George Floyd death: Bruce Lee’s humanitarian message rings out loud

Be Water, a documentary that will be broadcast on Sunday, explores the racial discrimination Bruce Lee suffered throughout his career, Stephen Tan...

George Floyd, the social contract – and solidarity in the struggle for justice

Ch’ng Chin Yeow says we can be a power for moderation by extending our solidarity to all those who are disadvantaged by...

No more, Mahathir, just don’t tempt karma!

Please retire before you pull more taunts and challenges against karma, Stephen Tan tells Dr Mahathir Mohamad in an open letter.

AG, rescind decision, charge Riza; no escape route for thieves!

Malaysians are utterly disappointed with the attorney general and feel that he had not represented the best interest of the people in...

Behind the backdoor plot: Greed, betrayal and backstabbing

Sarajun Hoda Abdul Hassan explores the forces at play during a critical meeting just hours before the Sheraton Move. 

Covid-19 has taught us a lesson we should never forget

How we have despoiled the earth mercilessly and ruthlessly, defying all attempts to curb our maniacal greed, Veloo Saminathan writes. 

Rise of the business-state

If a nation runs like a business, who will regulate such business, and what happens if the politicians are in it only...

Coronavirus: How to keep pupils safe when they return to school

Khong Kah Yeong shares his ideas on how schools can resume operations – and keep teachers and pupils safe.

Compassion through the crisis

As the trucks carry the migrants and refugees into camps and hostile, unknown futures, do we feel safer, Sonia Randhawa wonders.

Riza’s discharge: Could the judge have ordered a trial?

Clearly, there were grounds for the charges, and there was sufficient evidence accumulated, P Ramakrishnan writes.

Hadi Awang – deeply flawed envoy with deeply flawed strategy

The Pas president's belligerence won't help the Palestinian cause, Phlip Rodrigues writes. Hadi Awang will...

Coronavirus: Why is the US making such a mess of it?

Jeyakumar Devaraj looks at why so many people in the US are turning their backs on scientific advice and what it means...

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