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Still no cinemas in Kelantan, folks

Are cinemas really the cause of corrupt mindsets and criminal acts in the country, wonders JD Lovrenicear.

Penang needs PWMP more than PTMP

Is the state’s long-term water security not as important to Penang as its transport needs, wonders Mike Tan.

Umno-Pas, please bury your toxic racial and religious strategies

We cannot go on with such a political strategy as it is eroding the spirit of building national unity and bringing people...

Five reasons why it would be good if a federal loan for Penang’s mega...

Anil Netto tells us why it would actually be good news if the federal government does not provide a bridging loan for...

Chants of ‘Stop the Reclamation!’ ring out at Penang Youth Climate Strike

Anil Netto reports from the scene of the Youth Strike for Climate solidarity gathering in Penang.

How small can a tyre factory be?

If we do not ask disturbing questions and demand acceptable answers, let us then prepare for more crises, writes JD Lovrenciear. ...

Go after the suspected plunderers

Consider crippling their financial capabilities by freezing all their assets, writes Dominic Damian. Certain quarters...

Do we have the will to solve the people’s problems?

We can philosophise with all kinds of fierce theories, words and rationalisation, but where lies the will to remedy all the problems...

Three types of unethical practices that undermine our quality of life

It is time we had some form of holistic study to ascertain the extent of these three types of practices that reflect...

MCA and MIC, leave BN if you have any dignity

By staying on, MCA and MIC would perpetuate the facade that BN is a multi-ethnic entity - which it is not, says...

Bangsar Park: Microcosm of multi-racial Malaysia

Folks of various ethnicities live here side-by-side in harmony - a shining reflection of Malaysia’s multi-ethnic mosaic, writes Benedict Lopez.

Instead of race-based approach, focus on uplifting lower-income group

When we have a policy to uplift all Malaysians, especially those in the bottom 40%, many Malays are likely to be the...

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