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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

Legal but immoral ‘kataks’!

When political adjustments lead to moral compromises, it is a big price to pay, says K Haridas.

Labour violations by contractors must stop now

It is time the government set up a taskforce to detect these recalcitrant business people and put their businesses in order,...

‘Sheraton Move’: Was it really for the Rakyat’s sake?

Adrian Lee writes an open letter to our “honourable“ Malaysian MPs reminding them of their oath to serve the people and to uphold...

Concern over Pas’ restrictive entertainment guidelines for Terengganu

We cannot let some politicians hold back a state to suit their narrow views, writes JD Lovrenciear. 

Uneasy stillness greets Muhyiddin’s cabinet announcement

No matter how good and promising Muhiyuddin's team may appear or is made out to be, the truth is many are feeling...

Hadi’s wrong advice about vote of no confidence

Muhyiddin Yassin’s appointment as PM still has to be confirmed by a majority of members of Parliament, writes Ravinder Singh. 

WHO’s emergency funding needs global rethink

The battle to save lives should not be made reliant on public generosity or left to private enterprises, writes JD Lovrenciear. 

Patriot honours Aliran’s K Haridas

The association bestows honorary life membership status on individuals who have contributed to national harmony and nurtured ethics, reports JD Lovrenciear. ...

When high-rise condos choke peaceful neighbourhoods

Such projects disrupt the societal peace, harmony and goodwill painstakingly built over decades in these neighbourhoods, writes JD Lovrenciear. 

To save the nation, show us your list of MPs, Muhyiddin

For the love of this nation, stop playing games, says JD Lovrenciear.  So much of...

This is not the government of the people, for the people, by the people...

All it took was about 100-plus MPs without any conscience and shame to bring back all that we had despised and rejected,...

Muhyiddin, beware the ‘omelette principle’

What would bring such a motley group of people together - apart from power and the perks that come with it? K...

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