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Urgent action needed against coup allegation and brazen gangs

The first step to fight corruption is to admit that the police force needs a thorough clean-up.

Teluk Intan’s St Anthony’s School punches above its weight

Anniversaries are occasions to ponder over history, sometimes with happiness, at other times with despondency, seldom without emotion.   These occasions may evoke memories etched...

‘Pingat emas’ untuk Malaysia, juara ‘melompat’

Tanpa tekad politik untuk tindakan pantas, memang mustahil untuk menghapus virus melompat ini.

How indigenous communities can save the forests – and the human species

We need regenerative livelihoods that build resilience in communities.

Pandemic worsens plight of many binational families in Malaysia

The government must ensure that legal reform should positively affect binational families without discrimination.

Just Mercy – when truth is twisted by the rich and powerful

Last week, I watched a powerful and thought-provoking movie, Just Mercy, over Astro. In these times, we who are not saddled with any legal problems...

Sabah and Sarawak were promised religious freedom

Why do some politicians want to fan the flames of intolerance by using race and religion?

In tough times, flurry of fines adds to people’s burden

Many cannot understand why the government is taking this route during such difficult times for the people.

Kepentingan kaum muda dan isu perempuan dan gender bukan soal remeh

Sering dikatakan generasi muda, yang dikenal golongan kaum milenial, adalah pemimpin masa depan. Jika benar, maka anak-anak milenial ini harus seawalnya digalakkan berfikiran progresif menjadi...

Cloud kitchens fast catching on in the food sector

Cloud kitchens offer a cheaper, faster set-up if owners want to penetrate a different market.

Umno and Pas, learn to live and let live

Why not use this breakthrough verdict to work hard at repairing the image, reputation and honour of the country in the eyes of the world.

Leave ‘Allah’ alone!

There is no obligation on the part of the government to appeal against this High Court decision.