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Norway refocuses to harmonise business, ecological concerns

Not only is Norway globally renowned in oil and gas, it is also universally recognised for its renewable energy sector, writes Benedict...

Huge property glut? No problem, reclaim more land and build, baby, build!

After years of being lulled by market sweet talk, Malaysians are waking up to a massive real estate glut, writes Anil Netto.

Are we more united as a nation after the last general election?

No, says Jeyakumar Devaraj, adding that a united nation can only be constructed out of feelings of solidarity among all the ethnic...

Meeting real needs in Sarawak

Is the state government so out of touch with the hardships and rigours of life faced by the average Sarawakian, wonders Lynn...

Electoral reforms taking shape – but more people must step forward

While we are delighted with the fresh air of democratic reforms, the quest for electoral reforms is not without obstacles, writes Danesh...

Politicians obsessed with PM succession plan

Who really is behind all this hype and intense speculation on when – or whether – Mahathir will relinquish his position as...

Why do we let Pas get away with such divisive remarks?

JD Lovrenciear is alarmed by some of the remarks made by certain leaders in the Islamic party. Ultra-theocratic political party Pas has once again ruffled...

Victims of encroachment, indigenous groups only remembered when tragedy strikes

Sensitive soul-searching and a complete overhaul of our approach are long overdue, says Dominic Damian.

Are we Malaysians truly first world material?

A nation's life and future is not all about economics, says JD Lovrenciear.

Don’t fall for slick media campaigns and deepfakes

Let us never be taken for a ride by such tactics, warns Dominic Damian. We...

Schools should prepare pupils for life in a fast-changing world

Should not our schools switch to training their students to be innovative and creative to prepare them for the new jobs that...

Tuition classes attest to a failed school system

Why are children unable to master maths, science and languages within normal school hours, wonders JD Lovrenciear.

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