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Malaysia’s political turnaround: Some hard questions

The sooner we get some straight answers, the better it would be for the entire nation.

Thank you, GPS: Now we have some more of the same failed government!

In three years, three months and 11 days, we have had three prime ministers. For this to happen, we have to thank Mahathir Mohamad....

Time to shake up the ‘old’ politics and faces

It is time for the next generation – of diverse backgrounds, gender, educational status, ethnicities and geographical locations – to explore new ways of engagement.

We need leaders who will focus on reforms not divisive politics

They must have the capacity to make a difference, enhance national unity and tackle corruption,

‘No to Ismail Sabri’ petition draws over 300,000 signatures!

The figure has even surpassed the 254,000 who called for Azmin Ali to resign.

Will a new PM and government usher in fresh hope?

We must work towards becoming the nation we were meant to be - with equality, honesty and inclusiveness as our cornerstone.

Who exactly did GPS MPs vote for?

The race for the PM's post is not over till it's over.

Will the MPs save the nation or save themselves?

The sentiments of the people must be respected.

It’s down to the 220 MPs

They must live up to the people’s expectations.

Don’t rule out dark horse Shafie Apdal

He may just emerge as the compromise candidate.

It has to be Anwar – and no one else!

No politician associated with the Perikatan Nasional or Umno should even be considered as a possible candidate.

PM RESIGNS: Curry mee, desperation and U-turn marked the final days

The end, when it came, was hardly a surprise: the writing had been on the wall for months.

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