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Sabah group takes on daunting ‘three Ms’ mission

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: eradicate illiteracy among undocumented children in the state.

Making moderation Malaysia’s miracle

Let us go back in time to appreciate the positive values we had – values that served us well.

Merdeka kah negara ku ini

Wahai pejuang   negara Kau pernah    penentang      penjajah Berbilang kaum    bersatu padu Menuntut    kebebasan dan      kemerdekaan  Bulan Merdeka    disambut sepi Kerana budaya    penjajah      merajalela        kembali Pecah dan    perintah amalan      abadi Rakyat menjadi    ...

Merdeka: When I’m sixty-four

Hopefully, we can look to our younger leaders to take us into a new era and rectify all the wrongs in our country.

Ismail Sabri’s cabinet line-up: What a sham!

It was just an elite game of musical chairs.

Ayo anak-anak muda, realisasi impian membangun demokrasi sejati kita

Kini tiba masanya untuk generasi akan datang untuk meneroka cara-cara baru penglibatan untuk perjuangan demokrasi sejati.

Ismail Sabri’s first days as PM: Malaysian Family, PR flop, promising pact

The spirit of mutuality is what will ensure that the PM can take the nation forward during these turbulent circumstances.

How strong is Malaysia’s opposition?

How relevant will the opposition parties be in the next general election?

New Zealand electoral model could heal Malaysia’s ailing polls system

It is time to try a different model to overcome our political impasse.

Celebrating neurodiversity – but do we even know what it is?

Disabled and neurodivergent individuals are just like us: they only want to be treated the same way as their fellow human beings.

Back to where we were – nowhere!

Will Ismail Sabri's cabinet be top heavy with more Umno and ex-PN ministers?

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