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OK to use public transport now – but Parliament sits only in July?

If it is OK to use public transport now, why do we have to wait so long for Parliament to sit for...
dawn of World WarTwo

The Quarantine Speech (if the Covid-19 pandemic were World War Two)

John Fong looks at the parallels between the build-up to the last great war and the current pandemic. 

Checks and balances the only way to fight racism in its many forms

The Black Lives Matter protests prompts Ch’ng Chin Yeow to reflect on the various manifestations of racism, in a broader sense, so...

Remember our animals too during these difficult times

Faced with declining visitors, zoos were badly hit during the recent lockdown. Benedict Lopez looks at how they are coping. 

Musa Aman goes free! Is this the beginning of the end games?

P Ramakrishnan says it remains a mystery why the attorney general did not make the dropping of charges conditional or why he...

Weed out corruption among dubious NGOs

It is frightening to hear of certain NGOs claiming to carry out charity work or welfare projects only for the money raised...

Is Malaysia ready for online teaching?

It can only be workable and effective if we have most of the facilities and human resources in place, Khoo Kok Heong...

Post-coronavirus, Malaysians must rally together to create fairer economy

The  government has to respond with an effective, broad-based, well-coordinated national policy strategy, Viswanathan Selvaratnam writes.

Why we should kiss the RM46bn ‘PTMP’ goodbye

Anil Netto explains why a sustainable mobility plan should replace the ill-fated reclamation-driven “transport plan”.

How Iceland confronted the coronavirus – and whipped it

The island-nation is faring better than most other countries due to its early and aggressive approach to this pandemic, Benedict Lopez writes. 

Coronavirus: Malaysia needs more inclusive policies to kickstart economy

Malaysians urgently needs transparent and inclusive development strategies to repair the damage caused by the coronavirus, Viswanathan Selvaratnam writes.  

Parliament couldn’t be more finely balanced than this!

Never before have both government and opposition ranks been so evenly matched, putting Malaysia in uncharted territory. Anil Netto looks at the...

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