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Convent Bukit Nanas: Why undermine a 122-year-old educational legacy?

No amount of official justifications can dispel the misgivings of the public.

Way Forward

A poem by Mohd Nasir Hashim

When company directors rake in huge incomes in hard times…

Will they take the moral high ground by accepting sharp pay cuts?

‘No’ to Nenggiri dam: ‘Orang Asli protest against forced displacement

Governments have a poor record in implementing resettlement and rehabilitation programmes in dam projects.

Myanmar catastrophe: Signals for Asean

If Asean can win the war against corruption, it will be in a better off position to ensure that what has befallen Myanmar will not be the fate of their own nations too

A new dream – or nightmare 3.0?

Hopefully, people-oriented politicians can rise to the challenge and espouse narratives and policies that champion the people.

Where is justice?

After having been told that his words were harsh by the judge, Shafee did not show any remorse

When ‘serpents’ and ‘monitor lizards’ roam the political landscape

All that money cannot stop certain parties from attacking each other. The least they can do now is to stop tarnishing the poor animal kingdom.

Norway’s PM fined for flouting her government’s physical distancing rules

Norway has set an example to the rest of the world that no one is above the law.

Corrupt politicians, be gone! Make way for new blood

Maybe, and only maybe then, people might want to vote again in the coming general election and give ourselves a glimmer of hope.

Populist politics, nationalistic rhetoric fuelling racism

A free press, transparency, the rule of law and whistleblower protection legislation can counter the rise of racism.

Bagaimana Orang Asal dapat menyelamatkan hutan – dan manusia

Kita perlu membina gaya hidup yang regeneratif dan lestari yang boleh hasilkan daya tahan dalam komuniti tempatan.