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An open letter to Coronavirus

It took something microscopic like you to bring human civilisation almost to a grinding halt, writes Adrian Lee.

The dangerous myth of coronavirus ‘mitigation’

Bear in mind that the number of cases requiring ICU care could outstrip the capacity of healthcare systems to provide ventilators to...

Betrayal of people’s mandate

Such an act of betrayal should not be condoned by citizens, writes K Veeriah.

Anwar, time to take a rest?

But first, there are three areas that need his attention, says Kassim SA. Back...

Movement control order: Malaysian attitudes suck

Don’t Malaysians realise the cost of patrolling the streets to enforce the order could be better used for urgent medical supplies, says...

Coronavirus tests: Where does Malaysia stand?

Anil Netto looks at where we stand in coronavirus testing. How are we faring...

Muhyiddin, are you really PM for all Malaysians?

In shamelessly discriminating against the five states under Pakatan Harapan, you ceased to be a prime minister for all Malaysians, writes P...

George Town – first day of movement control ends with mixed results

The first day of movement control to combat the coronavirus outbreak yesterday ended with mixed results in Penang. Anil Netto shares his...

Muhyiddin is not PM for all Malaysians – what a wretch we have for...

If the PM doesn’t care for these five states, then he shouldn’t care for the taxes derived from these states, says P...

Racial politics is toxic and contaminates justice

We need to remove the emphasis on race and unleash the potential of all Malaysians so they can contribute to the wellbeing...

After the fall: Reflections on Malaysian politics

JD Lovrenciear shared these thoughts after the recent fall of the legitimately elected Pakatan Harapan government.

3 unsolved mysteries that haunt Malaysia

The day we can solve these three mysteries will be the day honour, dignity and the good name of the nation will...

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