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Rats, pests and restaurants in Malaysia

The authorities and health inspectors must step up to the plate and ensure that high standards of hygiene are maintained in all...

Portrait of a fisherman: Solace in solidarity

A short reflection by Dominic Damian after the recent fishermen's march to Parliament. Will...

Time to declare a climate emergency

We need to take urgent steps to stop emitting carbon and to begin drawdown, says Sonia Randhawa.

Four inspiring groups I met at the fishermen’s march to Parliament

Simon Tan explains why he wants to support the fishermen’s cause even more after their march.

The People v Najib Razak Ep 39: Bad reputation

It seemed like everyone was getting on each other’s nerves in court yesterday, with some flare-ups between the 49th witness and the...

300 activists march to Parliament to demand stronger forestry protection laws

The march from Padang Merbok to Parliament, initiated by the Organisation for the Preservation of Natural Heritage (Peka), is taking place this...

Concern for distressed animals: Septuagenarian shows the way

Benedict Lopez describes how a septuagenarian saved a beagle that had fallen into a drain - twice.

Fishermen’s march: Something deeper, more corrosive lurks out there

We cannot – must not - let our fisherman be inconvenienced by insensitive political and business interests, writes Dominic Damian.

250 fishermen march to Parliament in ‘PenangTolakTambak!’ protest

Some 250 fishermen and several activists from Penang and Perak marched to Parliament this morning to hand over a protest...

And you thought 2018 was extraordinary…

We are only in July, but so far 2019 has served up some strange developments, writes Wandering Malaysia.

What makes factories flout the law?

If over 90% of chemical factory operators have committed offences under the Environment Qualiy Act, we have every reason to be concerned,...

Detention of children: Who is right and who is not?

As long as we allow employers to keep profiteering from undocumented workers, we will continue to be saddled with numerous issues, writes...

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