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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

Sex, politics and football

Unlike the case of former England football captain John Terry, the stakes in the Anwar Ibrahim trial are much higher and involve more than...

Anwar trial will not derail struggle for justice, democracy

Whatever happens to Anwar, Malaysians will continue to demand greater democracy, accountability and socio-economic justice to ensure that the momentum towards change is not...

Aiming for the stars?

The owners of The Star newspaper are set to publish a new Malay-language weekly, Mingguan Star. Mustafa K Anuar outlines the challenge the paper...

PTPTN loans: When education is a business

The government’s current concern over the allocation of PTPTN loans is just a piecemeal critique of a very wrong policy, that of privatised tertiary...

Boar is not swine

The strange thing about the “boar head incident” was that a stack of One Ringgit notes totalling RM30 was found placed near the plastic...

Aliran launches ‘Thinking Allowed online’

Aliran is revamping its website and today, we are launching a regular column “Thinking Allowed online,” featuring almost daily commentaries on current issues. We...

Traitors and treachery!

If ever elected representatives are turned into renegades and turncoats, we must not only punish these traitors in the next round of elections but...

Corporate electoral funding erodes democracy

Our correspondent introduces an article describing a worrying US Supreme Court judgment that gives corporations the right to spend unlimited amounts of money to...

Where has most of the government gone?

Angeline Loh wonders where why our top leaders were out of the country at a time when the nation was facing a threat to...

A street life called Desire

Without its communities, George Town is a hollow shell, its street life gone, festivals diminished and anything remotely traditional repackaged into tourist-palatable events, trinkets...

Malaysia’s political parties take new hues

Party strategies are leading Umno and Pas in unexpected directions, observes Maznah Mohamad. Umno’s radical turn is being matched by Pas’ attempts at moderation....

Truth: Casualty of all conflicts

In chaos surrounding the attempted arson attacks on a string of churches, where does the truth lie? It perhaps lies within ourselves, reflects Angeline...

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