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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

‘Women only’ carriages not the only option

Instead of curtailing women’s choices over where they can or cannot sit ‘for their own safety’, KTMB should consider working out how...

A’s galore – Is this for real?

So many students these days obtain a string of A's in public examinations. And yet, most people who were in school, say 50 years...

Why are the Malays poor? Blame it on Umno!

Who squandered the national wealth on prestige projects while neglecting the poor? Who bailed out crony businessmen by writing off billions of ringgit, asks...

Local Government Act: Ours to make or break

The test of democracy is not how law-abiding we are but how just are the laws we live by. We cannot forget that...

The rakyat need local council elections

Many of us have been helpless and at the mercy of all-powerful appointed councillors and heads who are meant to serve us. Local...

Tak mahu!

As long as key ingredients are missing, the 1Malaysia concept will remain a farcical gimmick, says Tota. Ever since Najib announced the 1Malaysia concept,...

Accountability and language: Obfuscation in action

Stop paying consultants who are parrots for corporate-speak, and let’s really...

Rising social inequality in Malaysia

It is always important to ask the key question: who in society is benefiting from economic growth? This question, unfortunately, is not...

“Spades” to assist the judiciary in burying itself

Sadly, Chief Justice Zaki Azmi continues to sit silently in his very secure and staid chamber in the Palace of Justice (which he...

Looks like it, sounds like it…

Could there not be a more creative way to assist needy and poor senior citizens in a substantive manner instead of merely...

Can Ong Ka Ting or any other ex this or that save MCA?

Bringing back the former MCA president might actually resolve the three-cornered leadership struggle in the party - but for how long, wonders Francis Loh....

Proposed Orang Asli land policy: Planned poverty?

Ketuanan Rakyat observes that the government's proposed Orang Asli land policy is a recipe for planned poverty.  Re this piece below (by Yogeswaran),...

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