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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

KPI – a flying start

Mr PM, at best, your KPI is a joke; at worst, it is a farce, says True Malaysian.When Najib assumed the post of PM,...

Indonesia’s answer to Islamophobia: Fun

Farish Noor laments that Fun has been massacred from Pakistan to the Magreb,...

Implications of growing Indonesian assertiveness on Asean

Indonesia's rightful place in history is as the actor that allowed for great inter-cultural dialogue and sharing to take place at a time when...

Injecting reason back into Indonesia-Malaysia relations

Thus far, neither the Malaysian nor Indonesian governments have done anything effective to restore some degree of sanity to the debate over their differences,...

One Malaysia or two Malaysia’s?

As we celebrate Merdeka and look ahead to Malaysia Day, Anil Netto wonders...

Why some cannot accept physical punishments

Malaysian society has to understand and accept the fact that violence is not and will never be a solution to the social problems of...

Historicity of normative Islamic law and its contingencies

In the year 2009, is a Malaysian woman going to be caned for drinking alcohol or is she going to see the true meaning...

Dealing with the siege mentality among Muslims

Today as we face the reality of political religion (be it Islam, Christianity, Hinduism or Buddhism) a nuanced, intelligent understanding of religion and religiosity...

Aiyoh, same old shameful politics-lah!

The BN's is attempting to expand its influence over the Internet - but it still resorts to the same old politics of control and...

Kg Buah Pala: Oasis amidst concrete jungle

In many ways, Kg Buah Pala reminds us of the life-style we once had - but have now all but lost in our...

The year of living ‘precariously’ for Malay(sian)s

To claim that the ‘Malays’ are easily duped by others says a lot about them being ruled by Umno, which claims to be the...

Allegations of sexual abuse of Penan women, children: Shameful silence

A national taskforce set up last year to probe these allegations produced a report in December 2008 - but its findings have ...

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