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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

Janji ditepikan

Najib's 'janji ditepati' is a big lie: it has fallen flat like capati, writes Tota. Najib and the other BN leaders have been going...

If you are afraid to vote Pakatan, what can you do?

P Ramakrishnan advises pensioners what they should do if they are worried that their votes won't be secret. There are civil servants and pensioners...

Lim Kit Siang – a personification of political decency, honesty and civility

Choo Sing Chye describes what happened when Kit Siang visited the market in Pasir Pinji, Perak recently and sizes up the veteran opposition politician's...

What voting for BN means

We have seen the BN ads in the mass media portraying the opposition parties in a sinister light. Tota now shares with us his...

BR1M brings misery

The joy of receiving RM500 has been fleeting. Now, the coffee shops, market traders, hawkers and food courts have all increased their prices, and...


The Star and its masters would be absolutely foolish to think that Malaysians are taken up with all their crappy advertisements, writes Pro-Change. I...

A general election that is Claus-trophobic

Handouts and populist policies can only go that far, beyond which they would eventually hurt the human dignity of the very people these policies...

Homes for votes – Jibby’s ‘cupboard love’ ploy

Any realistic civil servant of limited means and a young family to feed probably won't fail to recognise this 'homes for votes' offer as...

Umno-BN – Buying low-income votes, appealing to middle-income greed

After free dinners, now it is a lucky draw for free petrol vouchers - with a free traffic jam thrown in, writes Rakyat Jelata....

Teh tarik stall, kopitiam – new independent institutions

With the credibility of our institutions at an all-time low, we need only to turn to the local teh tarik stall or coffee shops...

GE13: A credible alternative in the wings

It is time for Malaysians to stop the rot and usher in a new era for the sake of future generations, asserts Gopalan Nair....

The dacing – a banned weighing instrument!

As the nuts of the dacing are tightened, the arms will remain level even with grossly unequal weights on either side. Thus an illusion...

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