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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

Sabah Royal Commission of Inquiry report: Will the government act?

Is the Election Commission going to launch a state-wide clean-up of the state’s electoral lists after the release of the inquiry report on Sabah...

Flawed 100-day verdicts; take ownership of collective national destiny

A nation cannot be rebuilt by 'them' only. It takes all of us, them (PH) and us (KPI evaluators), writes JD Lovrenciear. It appears...

Our middle class syndrome: Equality, fairness, solidarity?

Solidarity within the middle class is not solidarity - that's exclusivity, says Mary Chin. The middle class is less of a definition, more of...

Housing crisis: What is the solution? (Part 2)

The holistic solution to this problem, which has been caused by rampant capitalism, is to take the provision of the first homes for Malaysian...

1MDB, perception index and belief-practice gap

Whatever the attorney general may conclude, the 1MDB and other corruption scandals are just not going to blow away, says K Haridas. My faith...

BUSTED: Pulau Betong post-election payouts

Aliran received photographs of another round of post-election payouts, this time in the Pulau Betong area, which also comes under the Balik Pulau parliamentary...

Ills of nation planted in schools

Hamzah Osman describes some of the problems that can be found in our schools. The ills of the nation are planted in the schools....

1MDB: Paparkan akaun, transaksi, laporan audit untuk tatapan umum

Cara inilah yang terbaik bagi membersihkan nama-nama perdana menteri dan ketua pegawai eksekutif 1MDB yang kini kian tercemar, ujar WH Cheng. Perdana menteri dan...

No more NST for Aliran!

P Ramakrishnan explains why Aliran has terminated its subscription to the New Straits Times. As of today, Aliran has stopped subscribing to the New...

Why the authorities came down hard on Bersih 5

Did they want to show Umno delegates that the government was fully in control and anyone who challenged it would be severely dealt with,...
Photo courtesy of aduntamanmedan.wordpress.com

Render full support to MACC in fight against corruption?

The MACC must first investigate the two elephants in their room, namely the 1MDB scandal and the killing of Teoh Beng Hock some eight...

Football: Iceland shows Malaysia size doesn’t matter

If a small country like Iceland, with a population of only one per cent of Malaysia’s, can excel in football, Benedict Lopez doesn't see...

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