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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

Pencerobohan tanah adat Kampung Orang Asli Sungai Kelubi

Orang Asli di Kampung Sungai Kelubi rasa kesal setelah tanah adat mereka dicerobohi oleh syarikat swasta. Lapuran oleh Mor Arjani (English version below). Kampung...

Education system should be free of political influence

Unfortunately, the education system is now under heavy political influence and keeps on changing to the detriment of the system, observes Abdul Rashid Hanafi....

Emulate South Korea … ah, but what about the educational system and democratisation?

If we are serious about emulating Korea’s drive for success, we have to look at what's behind that “legendary high discipline and work culture”,...

Reformasi 2.0 – The rise of Bangsa Malaysia

Just as Anwar's arrest in 1998 spawned the Reformasi movement, the latest verdict ushers in Reformasi 2.0 with the emergence of a real Bangsa...

Stupid news and armchair politicians

Don't under-estimate those armchair politicians and 'commentators' who still watch the stupid news! They're not as ignorant or as easily led as politicians may...
Allah controversry protest

Mandarin schools, Anwar trial and other controversies

Tota shines a spotlight on a number of hot-button issues that have emerged of late. The vernacular Mandarin schools came into existence through a...

An open letter of apology (and hope) to East Malaysians

Douglas Teoh says sorry to Sabahans and Sarawakians for the fissure in relating to one another as human beings who are equal in the...

Ethno-religious Wonderland where everything is nonsense

Everyone has the right to critise, but they do NOT have the right to be intolerant, promote hate and call for violence, writes Abdul...

Penang street food: Rich aromatic blend of cultures

Trying to prevent the assimilation of other cultures is our loss, as we would fail to appreciate the uniqueness of each culture and the...

Ethnicity: A Malaysian political obsession

We must be aware of racially loaded remarks impulsively and thoughtlessly made by us that can lessen the warmth and rapport we may have...

Extremism and democracy, and never the twain shall meet

How can we promote tolerance, let alone unity, when certain people subscribe to doctrines that ask them to hate, says Abdul Rashid Hanafi. Extremism...

Sabah: Where have all the IMM13 holders’ children gone?

With the number of undocumented families living in Sabah, thousands of children are rendered illiterate and poor and denied the right to education. Is...

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