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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

Orang Asli lands and art 153: A small caveat

An amendment to article 153 to cover Orang Asli will not automatically increase Orang Asli rights to their customary lands, territories and ...

Gerakan’s ‘Animal Farm’

Gone are the days when Gerakan had brave lions and wise leaders such as Syed Hussein Alatas, Tan Chee Khoon, V David, and...

Proposed Orang Asli land policy: Planned poverty?

Ketuanan Rakyat observes that the government's proposed Orang Asli land policy is a recipe for planned poverty.  Re this piece below (by Yogeswaran),...

What is 1Malaysia? Is it real or a gimmick?

The government's vindictive policy in denying Opposition MPs development allocations is one thing. But to deny Malaysian voters their share of legitimate development simply...

Rajang River logjam: No more ‘tai’ with Taib

Some might see the Rajang River logjam disaster as a sign of a withdrawal of the mandate of heaven - a sign of...

Psychopaths on the loose

  GDP growth as a measure of economic well-being tends to serve the interests of Big Business rather than than ordinary people, writes Anil Netto. ...

Cock-eyed view of what constitutes non-Muslim rights

Too bad, Nazri resorted to stereo-typed notions of ‘non-Muslims’ and cock-eyed ideas of what constitutes their rights, observes Francis Loh. No wonder there’s no...

‘Sex education’ at last… in 1Malaysia

A homework assignment on consumerism for an 8-year-old girl leaves her mother shocked and bewildered. Our correspondent, the mother, has the story. It was one...

Can Ong Ka Ting or any other ex this or that save MCA?

Bringing back the former MCA president might actually resolve the three-cornered leadership struggle in the party - but for how long, wonders Francis Loh....

Empowering state and local authorities under the New Economic Model?

One of Najib's reform initiatives aims at decentralisation in decision making and devolution of powers. But how will this be possible when, as Francis...

TV2 Bakun docu-series terminated: What they didn’t want you to know

A nine-part TV2 Mandarin documentary series which was to be aired from 26 April to 7 May was forced off the air on 28...

‘The DAP night’ in Sibu: An observation

In their campaign speeches in Sibu, Pakatan's “national leaders” mentioned too little about issues that had an immediate and obvious effect on the local...

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