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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

Can a holy man lie? Apparently Hadi can!

Both Hadi and other Pas leaders have kept mum about the authenticity of the Pas president’s alleged letter to Muslim world leaders....

Movement control order: Sentencing offenders – Let good sense prevail

Movement control, while necessary, has to be implemented in a way that does not do more harm than good, Prema Devaraj writes.

Malaysia’s political conflict has left us like a family divided

The analogy of a betrayal in the family resembles what happened in the country recently, John Fong writes.

Poems: Healthcare and Quarantine

A couple more poems by Dave Anthony. 3 April Healthcare

Poems: New Enemy and Compliance

Dave Anthony kicks off a series of daily poems during this time of coronavirus.

Movement restrictions worsen cramped conditions in low-cost homes

The restrictions on movement outside the home are making life even more difficult life for residents of already cramped low-cost flats, JD...

Shameless politicians and religious bigots in our midst

Hamzah Osman prays that Malaysia will come out victorious from our present crises and begin a new era of peace and compassion.

Ismail Sabri, be responsible; respond!

The minister should heed the people’s concerns instead of making life miserable for those who have to travel two in a car,...

Climate in the Time of Corona

More than ever we need to talk about the climate – and now could be the best chance we get to build...

Muhyiddin, don’t mislead Makcik Kiah; her saving is not RM4,464 – it’s a hoax!

People like Makcik Kiah should not be duped into believing that there is a windfall for them in the PM’s stimulus package,...

People end up as pawns in power politics

What happens to all those voters who worked so hard in the last general election to ensure that the candidates of their...

Mobility is life: Moving from transport to mobility in Malaysia

Simon Tan looks at what enhanced mobility during normal times could do to improve our quality of life.

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