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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

The remarkable school in Sungai Ara that Maszlee would dream of

Education Minister Maszlee Malik is known to be an admirer of the education system in Finland. But Anil Netto thinks he should...

Historic moment as pupils from two Malaysian schools join in Youth Strike for Climate

Anil Netto reports on a new wave of environmental awareness sweeping among the youth of southern Penang.

PH government must live up to people’s aspiration for change

For a start, check the food prices to understand the public discontent instead of being disconnected from the reality on the ground,...

Rome statute: Let the truth prevail

Many ordinary Malaysians see the Rome Statute as much-needed machinery to support the people's battle against corruption and abuse of power,...

Genuine patriotism can kill corruption

We have to have integrity and ethics within us before we can lay claim to being genuinely patriotic citizens, writes JD Lovrenciear....

Mumbai’s amazing dabbawalas: Model in outstanding service

Benedict Lopez spotlights the workers who deliver lunchboxes to customers across the city with clockwork precision.

Why Malaysia needs wide-ranging reforms

Wide-ranging progressive reforms and a comprehensive overhaul to strengthen laws are badly needed to prevent abuse of power, says Dominic Damian.

Still no cinemas in Kelantan, folks

Are cinemas really the cause of corrupt mindsets and criminal acts in the country, wonders JD Lovrenicear.

Penang needs PWMP more than PTMP

Is the state’s long-term water security not as important to Penang as its transport needs, wonders Mike Tan.

Umno-Pas, please bury your toxic racial and religious strategies

We cannot go on with such a political strategy as it is eroding the spirit of building national unity and bringing people...

Five reasons why it would be good if a federal loan for Penang’s mega...

Anil Netto tells us why it would actually be good news if the federal government does not provide a bridging loan for...

Chants of ‘Stop the Reclamation!’ ring out at Penang Youth Climate Strike

Anil Netto reports from the scene of the Youth Strike for Climate solidarity gathering in Penang.

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