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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

Stand by Justice Hamid Sultan Abu Backer!

The Hamid Sultan I knew was a simple man, and I believe either patronage or money may still not trap him, hence...

When banks play dirty, a nation regresses

How can a government impose all kinds of punishments on ordinary people when well- connected banks are making tidy profits from such...

Obor Akinabalu – puisi bersemarak yang melawan permainan politik pemecah belah di Sabah

Di kala Sabah bersiap sedia untuk adakan pilihan raya negeri, JD lovrenciear melaporkan tentang kumpulan veteran Patriot yang melancarkan suatu puisi menyentuh...

High noon for Malaysia as Anwar makes his move

Anil Netto looks back at a day of high-stakes drama, which has left Malaysians in suspense.

Tengku Razaleigh, I have no other country to go to; this is my country,...

My right to this land cannot be challenged, it cannot be disputed, it cannot be denied, P Ramakrishnan writes.

Sabah election: ‘If you don’t vote BN, you are stupid!’ – Really, Najib?

To label voters as “stupid” just because they don’t vote for BN is simply not on, JD Lovrenciear writes.

‘It’s the biggest battle for the future of Sabah’ – Sabahan youth

Let this election fully reflect our Sabahan values as a state that upholds unity, justice, diversity and all things good for our...

I challenge Zahid, Hadi, Muhyiddin and Najib; I dare them to declare their stand!

Do they dare to endorse Shafie Apdal’s declared policy of a nation for all Malaysians, P Ramakrishnan asks.

Mock cheques during Sabah campaign: Isn’t that unethical, Muhyiddin?

How can we groom the people to raise ethical conduct if our leaders and lawmakers themselves stoop so low, JD Lovrenciear asks. 

Did Muhyiddin just issue a subtle threat to Sabahans?

If what he said was accurate, we have much to worry about, JD Lovrenciear writes. 

What exactly are we ‘celebrating’ this Malaysia Day?

If we reflect seriously, some disturbing questions will prick our collective national conscience, JD Lovrenciear writes.

Today, they use corruption to go after Lim Guan Eng; 10 years ago, they...

P Ramakrishnan finds some parallels with what happened to the then-Penang chief minister a decade ago.

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