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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

SST vs GST: A false debate

Anil Netto says it is about time the government considers imposing a wealth tax aimed at the ultra-wealthy.

Affordable homes for all – not a dream but achievable

Many countries are looking at containers that, with a little bit of creativity and low costs, can be turned into affordable homes,...

Will Malaysians ever grow tired of race-and-religion drum beats?

What we need is a “dignity congress” for, with and by all Malaysians to restore national wellbeing and cleanse the nation of...

When reason, tolerance take flight, we are stuck with raw emotions

Let us not allow a culture of small-mindedness to destroy the beauty of all religions, writes JD Lovernciear.

Water cuts due to pollution unacceptable

It is time to insist on zero instances of human-induced pollution of our water sources, writes JD Lovrenciear.

Plight of compassionate caregiver nuns deserves immediate attention

Our “developed nation’’ dream will never become a reality if we fail to come up with policies to create a caring society,...

Stop eternally blaming Malaysian workers

To say that Malaysian youths do not want to choose technical and vocational education pathways as a progressive option is a fallacy,...


A poem by Daniel Speziale on poverty and deprivation in our world.

Foes within stoking disunity for selfish political ends

Good people must speak out and do something before the bad ones destroy the country, writes Khoo Kok Heong.

Penang reclamation: When good persons fail to empathise

When good persons are ensconced in comfort and convenience, are they in a position to feel the afflictions of poverty, wonders Dominic...

Schoolgirl’s TB death points to weaknesses in healthcare system

Carmen Yee's death suggests shortcomings in the country's healthcare system, says JD Lovrenciear. The...

Song of the mystical Sarawak mountains

Linda Lumayag hiked up three mystical mountains in Sarawak – and came away hoping that people and the state won’t compromise on...

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