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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

Schools should prepare pupils for life in a fast-changing world

Should not our schools switch to training their students to be innovative and creative to prepare them for the new jobs that...

Tuition classes attest to a failed school system

Why are children unable to master maths, science and languages within normal school hours, wonders JD Lovrenciear.

1MDB scandal exposed ugly side of partying Hollywood celebrities

Dominic Damian looks at the other side of the partying and how few serious questions were asked about where the money was...

Schoolchildren converge in Finland for world summit on climate change

Malaysians should also emulate the Finns in this respect by continually raising awareness about the dangers of climate change, writes Benedict Lopez....

Wipe out culture of entitlement

The people rose up to make a bold change, but the culture of entitlement is still embedded. Dominic Damian says it is...

The three Rs and the culture of entitlement

Dominic Damian looks back and reflects on how the rhetoric about race, religion and royalty was used as a cover for blatant...

Single-use plastic ban at government events: Sort out practical implications

The government should consult those affected on the alternatives to bottled water and plastic-wrapped food at various events, says Kenneth Lee.

Should retired top civil servants be barred from joining corporate boards?

They must declare they will have no dealings with the previous government departments they worked for or any other government agency, says...

Is the smoking ban burning away our makan culture?

Adrian Lee wonders if we are losing a part of our eating out culture. Much...

Appalling lack of civility in society

Who is to be blamed for the behaviour of Ugly Malaysians - the authorities, their parents or our education system, wonders Benedict...

Five reasons to appreciate Sungai Ara Primary School’s holistic approach to education

Anil Netto explains why this school in Sungai Ara in Penang has broken new ground.

Do we allow Malaysia’s future generation to speak – or to be silenced?

Do we treat our children as the future generation of leaders and encourage them to have agency and speak freely without fear...

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