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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

Corporate encroachment forcing natives off their customary land

The government has a moral and social responsibility to protect the rights of the indigenous people to their livelihoods, says JD Lovrenciear.

Future of work needs green-labour political movement

We must build the necessary political and economic foundation for a green economy and green jobs to flourish, writes Ronald Benjamin. ...

Glory days of Malaysian football long gone

An ardent football fan, Benedict Lopez is saddened to see Malaysian football in the doldrums. Where have we gone wrong?

Vanity of vanities! Feeding on the caviar of opulence

There is a stark dissonance between the basic needs of the ordinary people and the decadence of the elite, writes Dominic Damian.

Sell my car and use ‘robotaxis’?

Let us embrace and capitalise on new technology instead of blindlyfalling for obsolete yet expensive solutions, writes Simon Tan.

A city of dreams

A short poem by Khoo Salma Nasution reflecting on two competing visions of 'development'. I...

Perang psikologi dan propaganda Umno terhadap komunis

Bentuk pemahaman simplistik tentang persejarahan dan perbezaan gerakan komunis dan sosialisme sebenarnya dan ditentukan oleh ‘pihak yang menang’ – Umno, ujar Norhayati...

Tiger sightings along East Coast roads raise serious concerns

We have the moral responsibility of not encroaching into the territories of our animal and plant kingdoms, says JD Lovrenciear.

Portrait of fishermen: Tasting salt in the air

A short poem by Dominic Damian about fishermen struggling against the massive land reclamation in Penang.

Rats, pests and restaurants in Malaysia

The authorities and health inspectors must step up to the plate and ensure that high standards of hygiene are maintained in all...

Portrait of a fisherman: Solace in solidarity

A short reflection by Dominic Damian after the recent fishermen's march to Parliament. Will...

Time to declare a climate emergency

We need to take urgent steps to stop emitting carbon and to begin drawdown, says Sonia Randhawa.

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