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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

Large trees falling and Malaysia’s poor maintenance culture

Our culture is one of knee-jerk reactions – tackling problems only after repeated complaints or when the media goes to town with an expose.

Don’t place cart before the horse: Prioritise domestic economic drivers ahead of foreign investors

Malaysia may not join the ranks of the developed West or the rising, powerful economies of the East. But we can become resilient, self-sufficient and happier as a people.

Honouring Palestinian courage

Their courage in the face of an existential threat of monumental proportions should inspire the world.

Does Umno stand for ‘Upholding Mohammad Najib’s Overlordship’?

The party is in real danger of becoming, for the time being, Najib's sole saviour and lifeline.

Penang LRT likely to become ‘financial albatross’!

It costs 10 times more than viable alternatives.

Fishy claims about Penang’s ‘Silicon Island’ reclamation!

Let's scrutinise the claim that the reclamation has increased the fishermen's catch.

No one should have the sense of entitlement that Najib has

The former PM does not seem to appreciate the care taken in handling his lengthy trial.

Malaysia’s missing mojo: Nation must regain lost momentum

Let our conversations be about conserving what we have and finding ways to make Malaysia more harmonious, liveable and loved.

Anwar must revamp Malaysia’s political philosophy to curb divisive politics 

The government must now pluck up the courage to vigorously remove the seeds of the politics of destruction.

What we do about elderly abuse will define our legacy

As a community, we must take action to change behaviours and attitudes across the full spectrum of fields affected by elderly abuse.

Desolate landscape! Bangsar residents shocked over degraded green lung

The Bangsar of the 1970s no longer exists. Any vacant space is rapidly filled by the obnoxious, expanding concrete jungle.

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