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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

Mahathir, the peddler of lies

We understand his desperate situation and his helpless position - but that should be no excuse.

Opposition’s divisive racial-religious agenda could erode investor confidence

Anwar has to walk a tightrope with utmost care, as any misstep could be disastrous.

Identity politics and the subversion of democracy

It takes courage to stand up for transparency and good governance and to speak about these values with conviction.

Why isn’t Sarawak prioritising flood mitigation?

Looking into methods that might not guarantee the future of our country may bring more harm than good.

Hamzah, isn’t it an offence to take away government files?

Isn't it the protocol that all files belonging to government ministries must not be removed when an official vacates public office?

Does Malaysia have an auditor general now?

We urgently need an auditor general to improve public sector governance – something the PM recently called for.

Is Anwar waging a class war or anti-corruption war?

Politicians like Wan Saiful should read more because a little knowledge will eventually lead to falsehood.

A historic day for Michelle Yeoh and Asia at the Oscars … and for...

Would she have been able to get this far had she stayed on in Malaysia with all the censorship on creative endeavours that push the boundaries?

Claims of political persecution: Illusion or reality?

Being politicians, some of them have even cultivated the art of playing to the gallery to sway public perception to their side.

Mahathir, why couldn’t you uplift the lot of the poor Malays in your 24...

Compared to your failure in helping the poor Malays, you succeeded extremely well in helping your friends and cronies and the rich Malays.

Flying off the handle over Mentega Terbang

The shutting down of the access to this film shows only too well we are still too far away from any clear understanding of true spirituality.

Tunku did nothing for the Malays? Seriously, Mahathir?

The first PM respected his cabinet colleagues as trusted allies who shared the collective responsibility of uplifting the wellbeing of the people.

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