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Thinking Allowed Online is an avenue for writers including non-Aliran members to express themselves on current issues. The views expressed need not necessarily reflect Aliran’s official position.

Is Malaysia on the brink of radical change?

We are now at a crossroads and it is crucial we choose the correct path.

That long-forgotten bit of the Rukun Negara

We ignore the national aspirations that precede the five principles at our peril.

70th birthday wishes for Wan Azizah

Tribute to a vibrant and quiet yet resolute woman.

Padang Serai election: Outburst against ‘cash for votes’ raises concern

Without 'givers', there cannot be 'takers' - and therein lies the rot!

10 ways Anwar can boost Malaysia’s food security

Ramp up local food production and slash food imports to curb rising living costs.

Move on, the cabinet has been filled 

Don't forget you could have ended up with a Pas-Perikatan Nasional cabinet.

Cabinet ministers: How many should Anwar choose? 

Anwar must avoid a bloated, parasitic cabinet at all costs; he must choose only the best.

Hadi should desist from irresponsibly shooting off his mouth

His diatribes are causing unnecessary unease and confusion in the country.

The time in between

Suspended between the familiar and the unfamiliar, let's reflect on the old structures of prejudicial thinking and do that next thing to leave them behind.

Has the dust settled for Anwar or will he face swirling sands ahead? 

Anwar's government will be roundly tested, but hopefully, it will strive to bring about realistic changes to the entrenched order.

Malaysia’s tryst with destiny

This moment calls for each of us to look hard at our own individual prejudices and attitudes that will need to change.

When demands outweigh contributions towards Anwar’s unity government

Let's be reasonable and not rush just so we can prove Anwar failed quickly.

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